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OnePlus 7 Pro - Many of My Friends Wish They Had a OnePlus Smartphones

OnePlus 7 Pro - Many of My Friends Wish They Had a OnePlus Smartphones

The flagship product of OnePlus has everything that one can ask for in a smartphone device at an affordable price range. It has one of the best bezel-less display with a Full-HD+ resolution (1080 x 2340), and a screen size of 6.64-inch. 

The device is bigger, faster and more expensive than any other device that the company has offered before. It has an edge-to-edge display and trades the notch to provide a mechanical pop-pup selfie camera. 

This is especially important for people who wanted a completely edge-to-edge display on their smartphone. Because at the time, even I felt a bit annoyed by the tear notch display. Let us get into more details and see what the new flagship phone of OnePlus has to offer.  

1. Design and Display

I am in total awe of the display that OnePlus has provided with its new OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone. As compared to the previous phones of OnePlus, it has a full-HD+ resolution (1080 x 2340), more screen-to-body ratio (6.64-inch as compared to 6.41-inch of OnePlus 7) and higher refresh rate of 90Hz. 

They have provided an edge to edge display. Meaning there is no place for notch or punch-hole for the front-facing camera. The 6.67-inch display is bezel-less and is known as Fluid AMOLED. 

The HDR 10+ compatibility provides a unique experience of watching videos on the device. Playing games and scrolling through web pages become better than ever before. However, since the device is tall and big, operating it with one hand can be a problem for some people. With a glass finish on the back, it tends to feel sleepy at times. Do make sure that you hold onto the device with proper grip.  

I liked the position of power and lock button on the right side. And with the help of your index finger, you can easily reach out to the volume buttons on the right side. However, I was missing the 3.5 mm jack on the device. 

Being said that, I was really looking forward to wireless charging in the device, but it is not there. The company does not provide an IP rating, but I do believe it is water-resistant up to some level. 

2. Performance

OnePlus, from its inception has been known for the power and speed that it provides with its devices. And OnePlus 7 Pro is no different. I believe it is the fastest Android phones that I have used, up till now. It runs on Android Pie and uses Snapdragon 855 chipset that provides excellent speed to the device. 

I tested the speed of the device and downloaded a few games like Fortnite while running videos and apps simultaneously on the device. The device achieved a score of 368,299 and ranking of 6 in AnTuTu. There was no problem at all, and the device was working smoothly. 

If you are someone who likes to play high-end mobile games, OnePlus 7 Pro is the go-to device for you. You should look no further. You will have experience playing your favorite games on the device. It is the best phone currently available for gamers at present. 

With the stereo speakers, you can get a rich experience with no noise distortion even on maximum levels. Those are one of the best speakers currently available in the market. 

In addition to this, the OnePlus 7 Pro in-built second-generation fingerprint scanner is faster than its previous models and comes with better accuracy. OnePlus 7 Pro is too fast and accurate in comparison to any other device that I have used in the past. Even the face unlock feature is fast and accurate. It also comes with a Zen mode feature that ensures you put down your mobile phone more often. 

Once you go into this, you can text longer, watch videos or check your social media accounts for 20 minutes. A great feature that can improve your performance. Yes, you can still make and receive calls when you are in the Zen mode. The auto-brightness feature of the device goes too dim while I am in the normal indoor condition. And thus, it requires manual correction from time to time.

3. Battery

As compared to the 3700mAh battery on the OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7 Pro has a 4000mAh battery. However, because of the larger display, higher resolution, and up to 90Hz refresh rate, I believe the battery is not one of the strong points of this new OnePlus 7 Pro device. The battery life is considerably less in comparison to the previous models.

It comes with a Warp Charger that is amongst the newest charging technology in the industry at present. With 20 minutes of charging, you can get over 50% battery life. The device can last for around a day if you do not play games and watch videos continuously on your device. 

4. Camera

When it comes to the camera, it isn't necessarily the best camera offering that you can avail in your smartphone device. It has a triple camera setup that consists of one 48 MP primary camera, 16 MP ultra-wide camera, and 8 MP telephone camera. 

Most of the smartphones coming out in the market these days have a triple camera setting and kind of became an industry standard. With the main camera, you can snap some amazing pictures. The camera works well even in low light conditions. I personally like the low light improvement of the OnePlus 7 Pro. 

The telephoto camera is also good but produced more noise in the low light condition as compared to the main camera. Apart from the rear camera, the pop-up selfie camera is durable and will not break down, even after you put some weight on it. 

Final Thoughts

The phone is full of features and is the best that the company has provided since its inception. It is the best phone available for you if you are an avid gamer and like to watch hours of videos on your mobile devices. 

And with the addition of stereo speakers, the performance and experience of the device only enrich. At its price, it has the best display as compared to any other smartphone.

The device is a bit large, so if you are looking for a compact device, think again. It has a powerful chipset, respectable battery life, amazing performance, and good camera shots. 

In all, it has everything that is required from a good smartphone device.

OnePlus 7 Pro 4G Phablet 8GB RAM 256GB ROM International Version



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