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Check Out The Latest CUBOT Quest Lite Smartphone That Hit The Market

Check Out The Latest CUBOT Quest Lite Smartphone That Hit The Market

The Chinese company Cubot decided to seriously expand the popularity of a secured budget-friendly smartphone. 

The Cubot Quest Lite smartphone looks original and fresh and launched back in February 2019. This smartphone is one from the IP68 series and has led to an increasing interest of audiences in the market. 

Here I will try my best to exhibit most of its attractive features, design and technical specification of the smartphone that comes at an extremely affordable price. 

The Chinese manufacturer launched the first sports edition smartphone Cubot Quest and then a Lite version of the same model. 

It has been experiencing an increase in demand probably because of its thin, fashionable design and durability. I am pretty much sure that the manufacturer created this with prodigious attention to details.

To be very honest, my first impression of any rugged phone was like a thick, ugly-looking heavy smartphone. But, Cubot was successful in breaking through this stereotype concept and streamlined the appearance with red embellishments over a black model. 

This made it even more attractive and something that fascinated me.


The Cubot Quest Lite is totally resistant to water, dust, and mud. The overall phone is black and is highlighted with red. There is an Aluminum protective lining around the camera and sensors arranged at the back. 

In the middle of the back portion, there are three sporty symbols that symbolize running, cycling and boating. Now, this is something that I have found very unique in both Cubot Quest and Cubot Quest Lite. 

However, I have heard other people claiming the redundancy of symbols, I guess it’s all about a matter of taste.  

Durability And Performance

The brand has done an excellent job in terms of durability and has incorporated Gorilla Glass 5th generation with a solid internal framework. When it comes to performance, I bet the Quest Lite will always be at the topmost position. 

The phone is backed up by the latest Helio P22 processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage memory. It utilizes the latest Android version 9.0 (Pie) which is supposed to take care of every power management issue and enable a smooth operating experience.


Speaking about the display now, there is a 5.5 inches display with 18:9 aspect ratio and 720x 1280 pixel resolution. 

The IPS technology has been efficiently incorporated to achieve the best LCD technology in this model that can work under any climatic conditions. These features are exactly the same as the previous Cubot Quest model.


The camera of the Cubot Quest Lite is basically equipped with an autofocus feature and has the capacity to finely tune the focus of the camera. 

I never expected this kind of feature for a low-budget smartphone. There are two rear cameras in the Lite version, one is 13 megapixel with 4160 x 3120-pixel resolution and the other one is 2 megapixel. 

The dual camera is supported by dual LED lights to get fair quality pictures even in low light.