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10 Weirdest Ways To Open A Bottle Of Drink. Do You Dare Try One?

10 Weirdest Ways To Open A Bottle Of Drink. Do You Dare Try One?

1. Use a toothbrush

It's easy. Use the handle of the toothbrush to push the cork into the bottle of wine. 

2. Use a file and a hammer

First, use a file to slide around the bottleneck under the cork. Then, use the hammer to knock off the bottleneck. However, you should be careful when drinking the wine, because there might be some splinters inside. 

3. Use the gas burner, tongs, and cold water

The method is too difficult to understand. It is so sophisticated. Just admire it! 

4. Use a ring

Incredible! As long as you know the trick, you can use the ring that you wear to open a bottle of beer.

5. Use a spoon

Look, a spoon is an ultimate bottle opener! 

6. Use your front arm

Press the bottleneck against the front arm, and pry the cap off with force. Of course, in this way, you will feel painful!

7. Use a chain saw

As the chain saw sets about working, you can open tons of beer bottles. 

8. Use the air

Put a bottle of beer on a desk, blow air on the top of it. Then, the container will be blown off and broken. Technically, indeed, the bottle is opened. 

9. Use a saber

Remove the wire cage of the champagne. Then, use the back of a blade and aim at the raised ring around the bottleneck. Don't hesitate, and you can cut off the bottleneck instantly!

10. Use a ladle 

If you don't have a saber, use a ladle instead to open a bottle of champagne. The method is the same as the 9th one.

It’s too risky to use the above-mentioned methods. 

Anyway, you’d better use a normal bottle opener.

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