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Alfawise P2 vs. Alfawise P1: Should You Upgrade to Alfawise P2 HEPA Air Purifier?

Alfawise P2 vs. Alfawise P1: Should You Upgrade to Alfawise P2 HEPA Air Purifier?

Do you know what is even more dangerous than Air pollution? Our unawareness! We are not aware of the quality of air and how it is creating an impact on our health. 

The worst case is we are actually tolerating this air quality and not caring to resolve this situation. We need to be much more caring towards our outdoor and indoor environment. 

Today, we will be discussing using an Air Purifier to control the indoor air quality which is a very effective and cost-efficient way to clean the indoor air quality. 

I consider it an intelligent investment for our health that can keep us away from harmful contaminations, allergens, foul smell, bacteria’s and even some viruses. 

Air purifiers usually start their purification process by passing air through trio filters that can trap even the tiniest dust particles. I consider Air Purifier as an intelligent investment for your health. 

Breathing pure air is very important and this allows our body to work better and be mentally keen and energetic.

Which air purifier should we choose?

When choosing a perfect air purifier the very first thing that must be considered is the amount of air that it can purify. So the first brand that has crossed my mind is Alfawise Smart Air Purifier which is now insanely popular in the market. 

Alfawise is one of the topmost Chinese popping up brands of house applications that are now profiting worldwide. 

They actually offer a wide range of electronic products in different segments like home electronics, home improvement, kitchen applications and a lot more. What I love the most about Alfawise that they offer supreme quality compelling products within a very reasonable price point.

The Alfawise P1 Air Purifier and Alfawise P2 Air Purifier are compact, good looking, highly efficient, gadget-friendly, voice-controlled devices. The Alfawise P1 was so popular last year and is still high in demand now, but the new version Alfawise P2 obviously has advantages. 

I loved all the improved features in Alfawise P2 HEPA Air Purifier that support an Ultra-low noise sleeping experience every night. 

Additionally, it has a very large purification area that does not spare even a corner of the room. I am impressed by how such a budget-friendly purifier can come with an activated carbon and HEPA filter air purifier which even can be controlled via smartphone. 

Alfawise P2 vs Alfawise P1

√ Design- Alfawise P1 Air purifier has a small rectangular high-quality plastic body that is 16cm x16cmx 25cm in length, breadth, and height. 

Whereas, P2 Air Purifier has a high-quality plastic body that is cylindrical in shape and has a multifunctional touch control of different modes. P2 is round in shape and slightly larger than P1 like 19.50cm x 19.50 cm x 40.30 cm in length, breadth, and height.

√ Main Features- Alfawise P2 Air Purifier is a much more cutting-edge model that is supported by advanced features. It has a touch screen control panel and lights that change according to the room air quality. 

It has three wind speeds high, low and auto-grade to meet your different requirements. The product also has a 2h and 4h timer which can be set right from the phone’s app. 

 Whereas, Alfawise P1 Air Purifier has no such touch panels, but it has touch buttons for controlling features. It has a 2 level wind speed setting s mode that comes in just a high and a low mode. 

√  Purification Area- The purification area of P1 Air Purifier is ideal if it is a small room of 8.5 square meters or even smaller. 

This model is designed specifically to target rapid purification of small and medium places. Whereas P2 Air Purifier has a larger purification area which is like 15 to 20 meters square area and that can be perfect for your bedroom, living room or even study room. 

√ Noise reduction and Power- P2 Air Purifier provides a cozy and quiet sleep environment at night and makes a noise near about 30 to 50-decibel that runs with 35W power. 

Whereas P1 Air Purifier also has ultra-low noise but slightly greater than P2 which is around 33 decibels to 51 decibels that have 15W power. 


√ Variant- The Alfawise P2 is available in the market in two variants, the Wi-fi version, and the Air Monitor version. On the other hand, P1 is available as a single variant. 

Know the features of Alfawise P2 Air Purifier before you purchase:

Like I have already mentioned earlier, Alfawise P2 HEPA Air Purifier is one of the smartest Air Purifiers that are currently available in the market. I found almost all its features interesting and efficient. 

Apart from controlling Alfawise P2 through the touch panel, it can also be controlled with a SmartLife app and an AI voice assistant that supports Alexa since wi-fi connectivity makes connectivity much easier. 

 It allows you to start the air purifier without any other action, just by running commands.

Alfawise P2 Air Purifier has made my life much easier, even when I am not at home. I can turn on/off, regulate the wind speed, change the breathing light and even start a timer on or off through the app

This has eliminated the difficulty caused by distance, and I can even turn the air purifier when I am out and enjoy fresh air when I go back home.

The 2hour and 4hour timer can be set from the app and this helps in timed shutdown at any time. I consider this as the most useful feature especially at night when I go to sleep. 

Mom’s can control and monitor the Air Purifier right from their office and work on the air quality of her baby’s room. 

In fact, it also has the most useful energy-saving mode and environmental protection mode that can help get 99.9% purified the indoor environment with minimum power consumption.

The Chinese manufacturer has also implemented a sensitive air detector technology, that not only cleans the air but also tells you when you should clean the air.   


Now simply get your hands on Alfawise P2 HEPA Air Purifier which is now available at an amazingly low price. I bet, if you really want all of these features in air purifiers for other brands, you will not get these same features below $150. 

But Alfawise P2 comes within $66. Alfawise P2 is almost half the price with almost similar features. Given its low price, I can certainly recommend this device for purchase especially after comparing Air Purifiers from other manufacturers. 

Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier WiFi AI Voice Control 3 Wind Speeds Touch Screen Low Noise 110m³/h CADR 3-layer Filter System



Alfawise P1 HEPA Mini Desktop Air Purifier



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