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Samsung Speeds up Launching Galaxy Fold as it Aims to Enter Another Market

Samsung Speeds up Launching Galaxy Fold as it Aims to Enter Another Market

Samsung recently restarted its plans to launch the Galaxy Fold, starting first only in South Korea.

As a result of previously disappointing quality, the relaunched Galaxy Fold has undergone comprehensive upgrades and consolidation. 

Users are particularly concerned about the screen. The information shows that the outer screen of the Galaxy Fold is made of traditional glass of Mohs hardness level 6. 

However, the Mohs hardness of the unfolded inner screen is only of level 2, so extra care needs to be taken when using the product. The hinge part has also been improved accordingly.

To prevent a repeat of screen failures caused by users during the removal of the screen protector, Samsung has also released videos guiding users on how to maintain and look after the Galaxy Fold. 

These include the fact that other screen protectors cannot be used with the Galaxy Fold. They also advise users to keep the device away from dust and water, as well as certain objects that may produce a magnetic field.

Of course, due to the positioning and nature of the Galaxy Fold itself, Samsung has also offered a particular after-sales service that allows users to consult staff on any issues. 

After appearing for a while in the South Korean market, it does not seem to have had the same severe problems. Therefore, news of launching the Samsung Galaxy Fold in other markets has begun to emerge.

According to whistleblower Evleaks, the Samsung Galaxy Fold will go on sale in the United States on Friday, Sept. 27 for about the same price as the South Korean version. This information came from an AT&T employee, so there might well be truth behind the leak. 

The launch outside South Korea also seems to indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to be launched again around the world.

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