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Troubled by Hair Everywhere? Alfawise V10 Max with Tangle-Free Design saves you!

It’s a particularly bothersome problem to handle woman or pet hair entangled with the cleaner. It’s a common occurrence for housewife to spend a long time to handle the brush. But no worry anymore if you get this remarkable robot vacuum, Alfawise V10 Maz. The Tangle-free Design makes it specialize in mopping and sweeping. The shape of circular arc form is more scientific mechanical engineering, make the roller brush remove dust in crevices. Besides, the intake port clinging to the floor offers a more efficient way to get rid of pet hair. There is an additional small short hairbrush on the dual brush. Alone with double cyclone, it can effectively prevent hair entanglement to not get stuck and extend brush life. If it happens unavoidably, You can clean the brush simply by using the multi-function cleaning brush. it cuts off the hair on the roller brush easily, cleaning the dust in the corner. All these designs enhance the operational performance and make Alfawise V10 Maz the unique choice for modern family. Alfawise V10 Maz makes trouble-free household cleaning come true! View More View Less

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