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Make Your Daily Coffee Anytime And Easily With This Small Machine From SCISHARE

Make Your Daily Coffee Anytime And Easily With This Small Machine From SCISHARE

Previously, I used to buy coffee in the form of beans and then grind it manually using a tool that resembles a hammer, it is a pleasant process when the aroma of coffee spreads around me, but it is tiring in the grinding stage.

But recently I didn't have much time to do that, I chose a better way, which is to use coffee capsules to prepare my morning coffee.

This time I received a mini capsule coffee machine. After a good experience, I think this coffee maker from SCISHARE is quite distinctive. I recommend it to everyone.


When I received this machine, my first impression was that the packaging box was very small.

The appearance of this machine is quite different from the other capsule coffee machines that I thought. It has a sleek body design and a square appearance.

The round coffee extraction port on the front of the fuselage and the upper handle are made of metal, which looks very textured.

Gently lift the handle up, and inside is the capsule compartment.

There are only two simple function buttons on the top of the fuselage. Through these two buttons, you can select the small cup capacity and the large cup capacity. The small cup is about 40ml and the large cup is about 110ml.

I thought that the water tank of the mini capsule coffee machine is 620ml. According to the calculation that I drink a large cup every time, I can extract almost 5 cups of coffee continuously.

Compared with the Nestle MINI ME I am using now, it can be seen that the capsule coffee machine MINI is smaller in size. 


The capsule coffee machine MINI comes with two boxes with a total of 20 coffee capsules, namely Espresso No. 7 and No. 10.

Each coffee capsule extracts a cup of coffee and cannot be reused.

I thought that the use of the capsule coffee machine MINI is very simple. First, ensure that the drinking water in the water tank is sufficient, and then press any one of the two function buttons to turn on. The indicator lights of the two function buttons flash at the same time, and the preheating state is entered Then, after pulling up the handle 90 degrees, put the coffee capsule into the capsule compartment, press down the handle, select the appropriate extraction volume and press the function button.

The best extraction volume of each capsule is 35ml for espresso. I think the SCISHARE capsule coffee maker has a high pressure of 19BAR, and the extracted coffee oil is very rich.

Espresso is used as a base, and milk, water, syrup, cream, chocolate and other things are added to it to turn into a series of coffee-based beverages such as cappuccino and latte.

But I still like to directly extract the 110ml big cup. It was rumored that Americans could not accept strong espresso, so it was diluted with water before drinking.The main difference is actually the extraction method.

The method of extracting 110ml of espresso capsules is actually just a matter of my personal preference.

I think the SCISHARE capsule coffee maker has a very convenient design, that is, when the coffee capsule is extracted, the handle is pulled up again to 90 degrees, the extracted waste capsules will automatically fall into the capsule box below, and the capsule box can accommodate For a few discarded capsules, you only need to take out the capsule box regularly, discard the discarded capsules and wash them.

In addition, this machine also has the function of memorizing the cup volume. After the machine is warmed up, press and hold the large cup button. When you reach the cup volume you need, release the button to remember the current cup volume. The machine can easily achieve the extraction capacity within 25-180ml according to your needs.

To sum up

In general, I think the SCISHARE capsule coffee maker is a very recommended small machine. First of all, the appearance design is very simple and stylish, and the volume is small, no matter whether it is placed on the workbench or the dining table, it does not occupy any space; and the extraction pressure of 19BAR is relatively rare on this MINI model, and the operation is convenient and easy where you can make coffee quickly and at any time.

S1201 Mini Smart Automatic Capsule Coffee Maker



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