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Unboxing: FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike

Unboxing: FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike

There aren't many other things in my house apart from lots of running shoes and bikes. But recently I haven't wanted to ride a bicycle for two reasons: First, I'm too busy with work, and I'm always in a rush to and from work;

Second, it's windy in autumn, so it's not great for cycling.

So the best option is to find an easy-to-ride bike to replace the current one.

Based on friends' recommendations and online video reviews, I decided to choose the FIIDO Electric Bike.

There are many reasons for choosing this bike:

1. Simple design

I've been riding mountain bikes for many years (and sometimes road bikes), and I'm fond of simple and lightweight bikes.

Another outstanding feature of this bike is that it can be folded and easily stored. I often need to go out, and sometimes I don't want to pedal or run out of power, so it's great that I can fold it up and put it in my colleagues' cars.

2. Lightweight

My family lives on the fourth floor in a building with no elevator. There is no designated place to park and charge bikes, so I need a light bike that I can carry home to charge if necessary. The whole bike is 18 kg, which I have no problem carrying.

3. No risk of being confiscated

It is the most critical point. Where I live, you can often see bikes being confiscated for speeding (motorbikes are confiscated straightaway, as are e-bikes over a certain speed).

The cruising speed of this bike is about 25 km/h in pure electric mode, which meets our local standard. I've passed through confiscation points countless times without any issues.

4. Sufficient cruising distance

Because charging isn't very convenient, I must have a bike with enough endurance to commute. The bike has a range of 55 km in pure electric mode. Even if I weigh 90 kg, it allows me to cover a maximum distance of over 37 km, which is satisfying.

The outer package box of the FIIDO electric bike is not very big, because it's a foldable bike.

The bike comes folded and can be unfolded simply by following the instructions provided. It is equipped with very detailed instructions and tools for adjustment.



The manufacturer paid great care in packaging the bike, with all areas that may get worn during transport protected against collision. Next to it was the black basket.



All spare parts and body furniture are included.



Assembly is easy, and it just takes a few minutes by hand. But if you want to adjust some parts, such as the height and angle of the handlebars, you need to use the provided hex key, but this is also very simple.



An overview of the bike. The overall design is very satisfactory, and it was better than expected.



Next, let's take a look at the details. First, let's look at the handlebars.

This is how the bike looks like before calibration of the angle of the handlebars. There is a fastener in the middle of the handlebars whose angle can be adjusted with the hex key.



Details. The manufacturer has done an excellent job of quality control. There is also a holder for your mobile phone, which is convenient for navigating in unfamiliar places. I think there should be a baffle under the holder for that extra bit of protection.



Power display screen. Four scales accurately display power consumption. The power is turned on/off by a key.



The folding part on the bike is designed with a safety clasp. The workmanship details are all satisfactory, including everything from the solder joints to the connections.



Front wheels. The wheels are 14 inches in diameter. The primary purpose of using such a small wheel diameter is to reduce the overall size of the bike once folded, because, after all, no matter how folded the bike is, the wheels cannot fold.



The mudguard, although not particularly attractive, is very practical.

Several electric bikes that I've used in the past have led to some embarrassing moments simply because they didn't have a mudguard. They really couldn't be ridden on rainy days at all.



The light is placed on the exterior and has the right level of brightness. The angle can be adjusted, making it very practical. The disc brake, on close inspection, is elementary, but enough for the city and the brakes are sensitive.


Body design. The FIIGO logo, along with the lines, looks simple yet beautiful. The batteries are hidden in the body of the bike.



These four photos are just for you to see more clearly the design of the folding clasp and the folding process, which is very stable.



There is also a fixed clasp for a cup holder designed here.



From this angle, you can also see that there is a handle which is well-positioned on the body of the bike. The center of gravity of the bike is here so that it can be lifted very stably and conveniently.



The charging port is also located at the bottom here (it took me a long time to find it when charging for the first time). It is designed to be more concealed and safe.



The seat is ergonomic, and the groove in the middle can significantly enhance the riding experience. The whole saddle is relatively large and thick, which meets the needs of commuting.



There are safety markings on the upper line of the seat post, and you can adjust the height within the appropriate range.



The seat post clasp can be quickly opened and is easy to use. The edges and corners are well polished without any burrs.



The motor is designed in the rear wheel and provides sufficient power. When I first started riding, there were several times when I turned the throttle to full speed and felt as if I were falling.


Details. The link of the official website is both decorative, and it will come in handy.



Reflective light behind the car is for more excellent safety at night.



So far, I've traveled about 100 km on the bike, mainly between my home, the kindergarten, my company, and the supermarket.


1. High charging efficiency;

2. Strong engine power;

3. Attractive overall design;

4. Lightweight and portable;

5. Multiple modes;

6. Meticulous workmanship and excellent quality control.


1. Not good enough anti-vibration performance. When you go over a speed bump or a pothole, consider yourself without protection.

2. Conversion efficiency is not high. If you don't use electric power, you'll feel tired of riding. It's just like riding a spin bike.

I'll give you a more detailed review after I complete riding 1,000 km!

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