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Smartisan Nut Pro 3: What Stands out Apart from the Snapdragon 855+, 48MP Main Camera, and 4000mAh Battery?

Smartisan Nut Pro 3: What Stands out Apart from the Snapdragon 855+, 48MP Main Camera, and 4000mAh Battery?

The familiar square Smartisan design

Let's start by discussing the overall appearance of the phone.

If you know anything about Smartisan Nut phones, you should know that both the Nut Pro 2 and the Nut R1 adhere to the symmetrical design of the Smartisan family model. 

The Nut Pro 3, however, breaks this trend as it features three rear cameras in a rectangular housing, which at first glance look a bit unusual.

Instead of using the gradient color and cool texture that are popular throughout the smartphone industry, the Nut Pro 3 retains its scheme of three colors. In addition to the dark green variant, there are also black and white variants available.

When it comes to the actual look and feel of the phone, the Nut Pro 3 also differs in the arrangement of the rear camera and the flash, which are designed to match the color and style of the main body as much as possible.

As with previous Nut phones, the Nut Pro 3 still retains a square design. Although this may be unusual in today's era, it also makes it unique and recognizable. 

However, there are some visual deficiencies related to the design of the bezel, which makes the phone look thicker than its stated 7.8mm.

Upon using the phone, although it uses a 4000mAh battery, you will find it surprising only weighs 185g. 

Moreover, the point where the middle bezel and the front and rear glass join has been designed with a slight curve. The overall feel of the phone is very smooth, and it places little strain on the wrist.

6.39" display and brand-new in-screen fingerprint scanner

Before discussing the display, let's remind ourselves of the Nut R1 that was released in May last year. With the Nut R1, Smartisan introduced a U-shaped notch design similar to the Essential Phone and Sharp S2. 

It improves the screen-to-body ratio, while also reducing the display area that was "cut off" when compared to notch screens, thereby improving the overall display.

If you cover the bottom half, the Nut Pro 3 is very similar to the Nut R1. However, if you compare them carefully, you will see slight differences in the U-shaped notch of the two products. 

Although not as obvious as the OnePlus 7T, the notch on the former is slightly curved on both sides, and it looks smaller and more natural. 

The top and side bezels of the Nut Pro 3 are very narrow, while the bottom bezel is relatively wider, but it is still smaller than the Nut R1. Although this is not currently the smallest bezel available, it is still far ahead of other smartphones.

When it comes to parameters, the Nut Pro 3 has a 6.3-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2340 脳 1080, 403 PPI, a contrast of 10000:1, 103.8% NTSC color gamut and DCI-P3 wide color gamut. Additionally, it also supports the recently popular DC dimming function.

Another point worth mentioning is the support for in-display fingerprint recognition, a popular feature of smartphones this year. The Nut Pro 3 adopts the latest GOODIX G3.0 in-display fingerprint sensor, enabling the phone to be unlocked in just 0.2 seconds. 

The recognition accuracy and unlock speed are both ideal. Unfortunately, the classic logo and rear fingerprint scanner of previous Nut phones no longer exist.

Toutiao AI algorithm enables simultaneous front and rear video recording

The Nut Pro 3 has a 20MP front camera. It is also worth noting that it has added a smart beauty algorithm that can identify facial information and implement various beauty effects. The camera also shares the same special effects available on TikTok (no time or quantity restrictions).

The rear camera setup consists of a Sony IMX586 48MP f/1.75 primary sensor, an 8MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom, a 13MP ultra-wide-angle camera with a 123-degree field of view, and a 5MP macro camera for 2cm macro shots.

Below are some original photos of the Nut Pro 3:

Portrait mode

It is important to note that because we managed to trial the product at a relatively early stage, the system was still in Beta development. So the performance of some functions was not particularly stable. 

The imaging effect should be further improved with updates to the system version, and this is something we will pay attention to in the future.

In addition to the camera, the Nut Pro 3 also has an interesting video recording function. 

The front and rear cameras can be used to shoot two frames at the same time, while the effects can be viewed in the camera frame in real-time, making it very useful for many vloggers when shooting videos. 

At the same time, it is also pre-installed with a video editing app that allows users to carry out simple video editing easily.

Snapdragon 855 Plus, UFS3.0, and 4000mAh battery

In terms of core hardware configuration, the Nut Pro 3 is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 855 Plus processor and is available in three storage options: 8GB + 128GB, 8GB + 256GB and 12GB + 256GB. 

It is important to note that the 8GB + 128GB variant uses UFS 2.1, and the other two variants use UFS 3.0.

The Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset has been well covered in previous articles so that it won't be described in detail here. In short, it provides the best performance to date and has no problems fulfilling various demands for everyday gaming and entertainment.

As for battery life, it has been previously mentioned that the Nut Pro 3 has a battery capacity of 4000mAh, which is enough for a normal day's use. Additionally, it also supports 18W fast charging, meaning it can be charged to 51% in just half an hour, or fully charged in 77 minutes.

In other aspects, the Nut Pro 3 is equipped with a Z-axis linear motor. Unfortunately, it doesn't support NFC, making it slightly inconvenient if you are used to taking public transport. 

However, if you don't use public transport, it's not a problem, and it doesn't have a massive impact on the user experience.

Multiple upgrades with the new Smartisan OS 7.0

Apart from the hardware, Smartisan OS is one of the main reasons why most people prefer Smartisan mobile phones. 

The new Smartisan Nut Pro 3 comes with a brand new operating system, the Smartisan OS 7.0. The user interface is as simple as usual, whereas the icons for the Apps have been redesigned. 

Smartisan OS 7.0 introduces several new updates to its signature features, including Big Bang 3.0, Idea Pills 3.0, and One Step 3.0. Let's take a closer look at these new updates.

Let's start with One Step 3.0. You can activate this feature by tapping the app icon, swiping from the top left/right corner of the screen, or pressing the function key + volume down button. 

Four apps can now be run simultaneously in split-screen mode, and you can easily tap the app you want to open. One Step 3.0 also allows you to drag text or image content in the primary app directly into smaller apps to facilitate tasks such as sending or saving information.

The most significant improvement to Idea Pills 3.0 on the Nut Pro 3 is the addition of the voice assistant. It not only supports speech to text, but it can also answer the user's questions. 

From actual experience, both the recognition accuracy and translation accuracy are pretty good, and the feature is easier to use.

As for Big Bang 3.0, in addition to improving the basic recognition accuracy, the Nut Pro 3 has added a sound function and screen recording capability, which allow it to be used in a variety of scenarios.

In addition to the features mentioned above, TNT has introduced a wireless projection function and sharing mode, allowing the Smartisan Nut Pro 3 to wirelessly screen on most smart TVs (supports Miracast and HappyCast). 

In the TNT projection mode, the phone can be used as a touch panel to operate a large screen smoothly.

In the TNT sharing mode, there are no relatively complex methods of interaction, such as a dock status bar and notification bar. It helps to prevent your private information from being seen by others while sharing content. 

It is also more suitable for use on public occasions such as conferences.

This article only briefly summarizes Smartisan OS 7.0, which retains the same style as past versions and further emphasizes the efficiency of interaction and the ease of use. The improvement to the user experience is very appealing, especially to office workers.

Smartisan returns with a quasi-flagship model that isn't disappointing

For well-known reasons, Smartisan has not launched any more Nut products since the Nut Pro 2S in August last year, and other phone makers have been advancing rapidly in its absence. 

Before we got the Nut Pro 3, we were a little skeptical that it would catch up with others in the industry. This doubt quickly disappeared when trying out the product. 

In terms of core hardware configuration, the arrival of the Snapdragon 855 Plus, UFS 3.0, 4000mAh battery, and many other features has meant it has not fallen behind in the competition with similar products. 

At the same time, further improvement at the system level has brought a real upgrade to the experience.

However, Smartisan has been more prudent in its product strategy this time around. Despite using the latest Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC, they have not defined the Nut Pro 3 as a flagship model, but rather they have tried to regain the favor of the market at a more attractive price.

The Pro 3 8GB + 128GB, 8GB + 256GB, and the 12GB + 256GB variants are officially on sale for RMB 2,899, RMB 3,199 and RMB 3,599, respectively. 

In an environment where 5G has yet to arrive officially and where 4G still dominates, the Nut Pro 3 is a good phone to get through this transition between networks.

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