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TWO TREES Sapphire Pro 3D Printer DIY Kits: Under $350! The Most Cost-effective CoreXY Printer That You Can't-Miss!

TWO TREES Sapphire Pro 3D Printer DIY Kits: Under $350! The Most Cost-effective CoreXY Printer That You Can't-Miss!

The Chinese Printer Manufacturer, TWO TREES has recently released its more efficient and budget-friendly printer – The Sapphire Pro. 

It is an upgraded version of the Sapphire S, which is faster, accurate, and reliable. Anyone, including beginners and hobbyists, can use the Sapphire Pro. 

It has a sturdy look along with a robust cube frame shape. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the different features of Sapphire Pro and what makes it stand out from the other 3D printers available in the market at the same price range. 

What's different with a 3D printer that is CoreXY type?

The Sapphire Pro comes with the CoreXY motion system that allows it to print models much faster as compared to other printers. It can print more quickly because the motors are fixed. 

And since the motors are fixed, the flying mass of the gantry and print head is significantly reduced. As a result of which, there is less vibration during printing, reducing artifacts during printing, such as ghosting and ringing during a print, offering higher accuracy at increased speed. 

What makes TWO TREES Sapphire Pro 3D Printer stand out?

It comes with the ability to auto-level with a small removable sensor. It has a print accuracy of ±0.01 mm, with a maximum print speed of 300 mm/s. 

The machine is partially assembled, which won't be difficult for users to finish the installation by following the step-by-step process given in the build instruction. 

The build volume that this printer has to offer is 235 x 235 x 235 mm. There is a 3.5-inch touch screen available that makes the machine easy to operate. 

Some of the materials that you can use to print your models and designs include Wood, ABS, PLA, PETG, and more. There is a filament sensor that provides warning if the filament breaks or runs out. 

Additionally, there is power outage protection. In case if the power goes out halfway during printing, it will resume printing back where it stopped once the power is back on. 

The aluminum frame offers better stability and durability of the 3D printer. With a USB interface and a TF card slot, the 3D printer is compatible with Windows and Mac operating devices. 

All of these features are quite impressive that you wouldn't expect to get in other printers that are available for the same price range. 


One of the prominent names and manufacturers of 3D printer, TWO TREES is offering an excellent Sapphire S Pro 3D printer at an attractive price of under $350. You can buy the product on, where it is currently available on sale. 

With large build volume and interactive controls, it is one of those printers that you don't want to miss out on it. 

Moreover, it is available at an excellent price of $310.40 on Gearbest. Sapphire S Pro 3D printer is one of the most cost-effective printer, filled with great features. You certainly don't want to miss it out.

TWO TREES 3D Printer CoreXY BMG Extruder 235x235m Sapphire S Pro DIY Kits 3.5 inch touch screen



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