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Xiaomi HIMO C26 vs HIMO C16: Should You Upgrade to C26 Electric Bike?

Xiaomi HIMO C26 vs HIMO C16: Should You Upgrade to C26 Electric Bike?

Xiaomi is a Chinese gadget organization established by Lei Jun in 2010 and headquartered in Beijing. 

Xiaomi makes and puts resources into cell phones, portable applications, PCs, sacks, trimmers, headphones, MI Television, Shoes, wellness groups, and numerous different items. Positioned 468th, Xiaomi is the most youthful organization on Fortune Global 500 List for 2019.

Xiaomi is something beyond a cell phone organization. The organization is amazingly prevalent for its worth for-cash telephones. Notwithstanding cell phones, Xiaomi sells a few different items like smart TVs, telephone embellishments, air purifiers, and numerous telephones... Xiaomi sells an assortment of different items in its home market China. In the wake of picking up a lot of accomplishments in the portable market, the organization chose to dispatch its electric bikes in its home market China with the brand name HIMO.

Xiaomi Launched its first electric bikes HIMO V1 Which was released toward the beginning of June 2018. After accomplishing great reaction from the clients HIMO XIAOMI Launched its subsequent collapsing bicycle Himo C20 and third electric bike Himo T1. 

Electric bikes otherwise called e-bikes is a bike with a coordinated electric engine that can be utilized for a drive. Numerous sorts of e-bikes are accessible around the world, from e-bikes that just have a little engine to help the rider's pedal-control (for example pedelecs) to all the more dominant e-bikes which are nearer to sulked style usefulness.

E-bikes utilize battery-powered batteries and the lighter ones can make travel up to 25 to 32 km/h (16 to 20 mph), contingent upon neighborhood laws, while the more powerful assortments can regularly accomplish in excess of 45 km/h (28 mph). In certain business sectors, for example, Germany starting in 2013, they are picking up in fame and removing some piece of the pie from ordinary bikes.

At the point when somebody hears electric bike, the principal picture they envision might be a bike or electric motorcycle – however, they really look truly changed. Simply picture a customary bike, at that point add a few electrical parts to it like an engine, a battery, and a controller – all flawlessly incorporated into the structure. 

Electric bikes pedal and handle simply resemble an ordinary bike. All things considered, an electric bike will utilize similar parts as well. The electric segment is intended to enlarge human power, not totally supplant it. It makes deterrents like slopes and headwind progressively sensible and enables you to travel further without getting as drained.

Some of the popular companies that are manufacturing electric bikes are:

◆   Alta motors United states
◆   A2B Bicycles, United Kingdom
◆   Beistegui Hermanos, Spain
◆   GI Flybike, United States
◆   Gocycle, United Kingdom
◆   Italjet, Italy
◆   Mahindra GenZe, the United States/India
◆   Pedego Electric Bikes, United States
◆   Riese und Müller, Germany
◆   Solex, France
◆   Superpedestrian, United States

But HIMO is not behind these companies. Xiaomi HIMO is likewise attempting to take its place in the electric engine market and it is picking up achievement in that. HIMO isn't beating these enormous famous organizations nowadays however at the start it is doing a great job. It can be said that like their mobile phones their electric bikes will get well known everywhere throughout the world soon.

Xiaomi is already popular for providing excellent features at the cheapest price. HIMO bikes are getting notoriety nowadays as a result of modest prizes and fantastic features. These e-bikes are light in weight. They are giving great speed and are reliable. These e-bikes have a high effectiveness control center point motor. The Battery Capacity of these electric bikes is adequate and alongside that these electric bikes are giving great mileage.

Xiaomi Himo C26 Vs Xiaomi Himo C16: appearance, design, performance, battery and security

1. Appearance

The two bicycles are phenomenal electric moped bikes. Be that as it may, HIMO C26 looks more appropriate for grown-up riders than HIMO C16. 

This is fundamentally on the grounds that HIMO C26 has a more prominent measurement. HIMO C26 seems more classy than HIMO C16. 

HIMO C16 has a basket in front of it which makes it ideal for college and university going students as well as it will help in some grocery shopping. 

2. Design (dimensions, size, and weight)

HIMO C26 has a measurement (L×W×H) of 1740×660×1050mm and weighs about 25kg. HIMO C16 has a measurement (L×W×H) of 1500×610×1000mm and weighs 32.5kg. 

Almost certainly, HIMO C26 is longer and more extensive. For a bicycle that looks progressively lengthier, you might be on the whole correct to pick HIMO C26. 

3. Cycling Performance

SpecificationsHIMO C26HIMO C16
Distance Between the front and Rear Wheel from the Centre1070mm1045mm
Electric Moped Continuous Sailing Mileage≈ 100km≈ 75km
Electric Continuous Sailing Mileage Only≈ 60km≈ 55km
Maximum Speed25km/h25km/h

The table above represents HIMO C26 as scoring higher on this level. In light of the specs, riding HIMO C26 should offer more Distance in less time. This is the most important specification that makes HIMO C26 better than HIMO C16.

4. Battery

For electric moped bikes, battery life could be one of the best risks to the solace riders conceive when acquiring bicycles. Both HIMO C26 and HIMO C16 use Lithium-particle batteries.

Lithium-particle batteries by and large charge quicker and hold a charge longer than the old customary batteries. They can likewise keep going for a considerable length of time whenever intended to utilize Undervoltage and overvoltage assurance.

HIMO C26 has a battery capacity of 10 Ah while HIMO C16 has a battery capacity of 12 Ah. In terms of battery capacity, HIMO C16 is beating HIMO C26.When the battery capacity is higher, the battery is discharged at a very slow rate using a low current, more energy can be extracted from the battery but If the battery capacity is lower, battery is discharged very quickly (i.e., the discharge current is high), then the amount of energy that can be extracted from the battery is reduced.

5. Overcurrent Protection

Overcurrent protection is protection against excessive currents or current beyond the acceptable current rating of the equipment. 

Xiaomi HIMO C26 is providing more overcurrent protection than Xiaomi HIMO C16 making the electric bike safer.


The response to this inquiry comes down to your needs and a decent comprehension of what the two models offer. But in my opinion, HIMO C26 is better than HIMO C20 in terms of mileage. More mileage will help to cover more distance in less time.


No doubt both of these bikes are good enough and providing good features to their customers at a reasonable price. They have many features in common like speed, lithium battery, power consumption, max load capacity, voltage, etc. In terms of design HIMO C26 Is more classy than HIMO C16. HIMO C26 is providing more mileage than HIMO C16 Which is most prominent feature making it better than HIMO C16.

Need to stay aware of the most recent bike nearby? Why not envision the arrival of HIMO C26? 

It's first-class highlights and execution will knock your socks off. As we anticipate the official discharge date which ought to be among December and the main quarter of 2020, it is pleasant to set up your spending limit to oblige this wonderful bicycle.

Original Xiaomi HIMO C20 10AH Electric Moped Bicycle 23.7KM Per Hour 250W Motor Foldable



HIMO V1 Folding Bike Moped Electric Bike Bicycle 6Ah Battery with Double Disc Brakes



Xiaomi HIMO H1 Portable Folding Electric Bicycle Two-Wheel 35KM Mileage



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Xiaomi HIMO C26 Electric Bicycle 100km Mileage 250W Motor



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