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iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Guess Which One Won the Speed Test

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Guess Which One Won the Speed Test

The sales of iPhone 11 Series are followed by numerous reviews and comparisons. In a word, iPhone 11 Pro Max is not as anti-drop as Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, whereas, its battery life is better than that of Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Here's a recent review which focused on the comparison of the speed of iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the top Android smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. 

In terms of specs, undoubtedly, iPhone 11 Pro Max falls behind in so many aspects, such as the main frequency of the processor, RAM, screen resolution. However, the price of the latest iPhone flagship is even higher than that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. 

During the test, 16 commonly used Apps were opened in two rounds by mechanical arms to avoid errors due to trembling hands, while time was taken. 

The first round:
All programs running in the background were clear. Apps were cold started. 

Although Samsung was faster when opening the first two Apps, Facebook and Starbucks, however, iPhone 11 Pro Max surpassed it when loading Word and Excel. iPhone 11 Pro Max kept ahead till the end when running video editors, including Adobe Rush. 

The first round ended quickly. It took 1 minute and 48.55 seconds for iPhone 11 Pro Max to open these sixteen Apps, whereas, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ spent 1 minute and 58.11 seconds.

The second round: (launching Apps in the background)

In the beginning, iPhone 11 Pro Max was still faster with the advantage of nearly 10 seconds more quickly. However, its RAM is 8GB less than that of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, making its drawback apparent in no time. 

It needed to reload the Adobe Rush, Word, Excel; in comparison, Galaxy Note 10+ resumed the process instantly and regained the advantage. 
As for the second round, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ spent 33.03 seconds; however, iPhone 11 Pro Max used 48.99 seconds. 

With the time in the two rounds added up, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ beat iPhone 11 Pro by being 5 seconds faster. 

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