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Xiaomi Mi TV 4A Review: Inexpensive Smart TV.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A Review: Inexpensive Smart TV.

More than a regular TV.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A smart can do much more than just show TV channels. It supports popular streaming platforms, runs on Android, has a recommendation system and a very nice design, perfectly complementing the interior of the apartment.

32 inches is the average diagonal, such a TV would be an ideal choice for the kitchen, living room, when there is no problem buying a huge 55-inch panel and spending significantly more money.


The TV has a classic design, so it looks equally good in any room: in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and in the living room. The front of the screen has thin glossy frames in black, and a miniature brand logo is applied to the bottom. Under it there is a small light that lights up red when the TV is turned off.

Two legs are included to install the device on a table or bedside table. If desired, the owner can hang the TV on the wall, but the bracket will have to be purchased separately.

Despite the rather large screen size (32 inches), the panel takes up very little space (478x733x180 mm). And it weighs only 4 kg.

On the left are the ports - Ethernet, composite video connector, 2 HDMI ports, USB and an antenna input.

The TV comes with a remote control that runs on two AAA batteries. The accessory is unusual, especially when compared to standard TV controls. There are no numbers and only 12 buttons on it. Among them, return to the menu, volume, power, joystick and voice search, but more about it later.

The remote works via Bluetooth 4.2 - this means that it does not need to be directed towards the TV. The device will receive commands even from the next room.

First start

To start actively using Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, just connect the power. The TV immediately offers to prepare it for work using an Android smartphone - automatically transfer Wi-Fi settings and log in to Google services. If you wish, you can skip this item or return to it later.

After connecting to the network, the device automatically downloads updates and briefly introduces users to the basic functions. The whole process is reminiscent of the first inclusion of a smartphone, but runs a little faster.

The first thing you notice after turning on the TV on Android is the abundance of pre-installed programs. The device has almost all popular streaming services: music, serial, and for watching movies.


The main pride of manufacturers is their own PatchWall launcher, which is preinstalled on the entire line of new televisions, including Mi TV 4A. This software has two unique features: a smart referral system and universal search.

The first works on the same principle as YouTube recommendations. The system analyzes what content the user is watching on TV, and recommends other films and series based on his interests. Everything here is quite simple and clear.

It is also worth noting that PatchWall seems to have an endless list of content. No matter how much the user scrolls the tape down, there will still be shown films, series, various collections (for example, with the latest movies or memes in general) and other entertainments.

Picture and sound quality

The screen resolution is modest by modern standards - 1366 × 768, but this is not striking. If you do not sit right in front of the TV, then the difference with Full HD is quite difficult to see. And do not worry that high-quality content on the TV will not start. Movies in 1080p and even in 4K quietly load through streaming services and from a flash drive.

According to manufacturers, the viewing angles of Xiaomi Mi TV 4A are excellent, 178 degrees. And indeed, no matter what side you look at, you will not see any distortions or drops in contrast. The only thing to complain about is not the largest margin of brightness. If the TV is near the window, and the sun has come out on the street, then glare on the screen can illuminate some of the content. But in any other scenarios everything is visible.

In terms of color rendering, everything is fine here. In the menu, you can select one of several presets (sports, movies, etc.), change the color temperature (make the picture warmer or colder). So if the preset image settings do not suit you, changing them is easy.
The sound, too, no complaints. Manufacturers installed two powerful speakers of 5 W each on the TV, plus the device supports DTS and Dolby technologies. As a result, surround clear sound and volume margin. Additional speakers will be needed only by audiophiles, and average users will definitely be satisfied with the sound.

Connectors for everything

There are plenty of ports on the rear panel: two USB 2.0, three HDMI, Ethernet for connecting to the network directly, AV Input and an antenna connector. So, you can connect a couple of consoles to the TV, and at the same time a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. In addition, Xiaomi Mi TV 4A can be used as a monitor for PC.

Speaking of flash drives. If you run movies from the media in various popular formats: m4v, mkv and avi, then be surprised. Thanks to the supported video decoder, all files instantly start and work without slowdowns or delays.

Other features

The complete remote control is equipped with a microphone. It is needed for voice search: using it is much more convenient to enter requests, the sensor very accurately recognizes even complex commands. True, voice search does not work in all applications, so in rare cases, the text will have to be entered manually.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A supports Chromecast technology. This means that owners of Android smartphones can transfer photos, videos and music from the device to the TV.

Via the settings menu - you can enter the parameters of your Mi account.

After that, it will become possible to control some smart home devices through the MiHome application adapted for TVs.


Xiaomi engineers managed to create a quality product with virtually no compromise. The buyer gets a beautiful TV with a decent screen size and smart software on board. The device allows you to watch both regular TV channels and content from many different streaming channels.

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4A 32in Smartest Android TV



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