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Incredible! Drawing While Running, He Turns San Francisco Into A Canvas

Incredible! Drawing While Running, He Turns San Francisco Into A Canvas

Do you run regularly? There are Apps to record data for running, including speed, trajectory, calories burnt. What’s more, quite a few people use these functions to know their status, upload to the Internet. Of course, running is a bit boring, some give up because of the boredom, while some insist on running while listening to music.

Lenny Maughan is a running enthusiast in San Francisco. He is not only fond of running, but also turns the sport more interesting!

He uses a fitness App and plans the route. In his eyes, San Francisco is a big canvas for his creation.

Indeed, he can’t devise a route in the air. Instead, he prepares beforehand. If he commits a mistake, the drawing will be damaged! 

Sometimes, Lenny runs at an amazingly high speed. Look at one of his masterpiece, Carol. It took him nearly 6 hours to complete the work by covering 29 miles (46km)! 

I really admire his perseverance! 

Now, let’s have a look at his artwork! 

▼Carol was a famous Mexican artist in 1990s. His work bears the vivid resemblance to the artist. 

According to Lenny, before finish running, one can’t see the trajectory; once he/she sees the final work, the person will be happy and proud of it.

Other works are simpler than Carol, but it is challenging to complete them. After all, there are too many obstacles. 

Here are other interesting running routes! 

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