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Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews: Every Day When You Come Home, You Are Greeted By The Clean Floor

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews: Every Day When You Come Home, You Are Greeted By The Clean Floor

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Coupon: E47ED65EABA27000 Expiry date: 00:00 May 31, 2020

The vacuum cleaners that I bought in the early years were a little unintelligent; they either changed their direction by collision and crashed into the furniture. Or they had infrared sensing function, but the success rate of obstacle avoidance was not high, and they were often stuck. 

It is said that the current sweeping robot is brilliant and flexible in avoiding obstacles, so I plan to buy another one. Having purchased a VIOMI thermos cup before, I was impressed with the brand, so I bought the new VIOMI V2 Pro robot vacuum without much thought. 

1. Design

VIOMI V2 Pro adopts a disc design, with a body diameter of 35cm and a height of 9.4cm. The overall design is simple and generous, and it is in perfect harmony with the modern home decoration style.
▲Built-in yellow and blue two-color indicator lights for displaying the charging or working status

2. Navigation & Obstacle Avoidance

The most prominent part of VIOMI V2 Pro vacuum cleaner is the black oval protrusion on the top. What is it for? Look, there are two probes inside. It turns out that this is the unique LDS radar ranging from VIOMI V2 Pro. 

During the working time, it will rotate 360° at high speed, which can realize 360° scan of the whole house, and build a real-time environment map, so that accurate positioning can be achieved.

The front end of the VIOMI V2 Pro is equipped with infrared sensors and collision sensors, which is a powerful guarantee to avoid obstacles. In the actual experience, it was very accurate to avoid obstacles, which surprised me a lot. It is really smart, and the most important thing is that it will not stop far away from the obstacles, leaving a large area uncleaned.

As you can see from the picture above, the VIOMI V2 Pro sweeping robot is able to get very close to the obstacles without hitting them, and almost no blank areas are missing. It is very powerful and can meet my expected requirements. There are ten sets of sensors throughout the body, which are enough to deal with the complex environment of the home.

▲ Anti-fall function
▲ Since its thickness is only 9cm, narrow places such as the bottom of the sofa can be easily accessed
▲ When you open the upper cover, you can see the dust box and the brush with a blade that can cut off the tangled hair.
▲ There are universal wheels, large area roller brushes, and wide tires at the bottom.

Large-diameter off-road wheels can cross objects within 2CM in diameters, such as small steps, rear blankets, and wires on the ground. They can no longer trap the sweeping robot. This was a problem that has troubled me for a long time because my previous sweepers were often stuck when left unattended.

3. Vacuuming & Mopping

Let us take a look at the dust removal system of the VIOMI V2 Pro: it uses a NIDEC brushless motor imported from Japan, the motor speed is up to 16500 rpm, the maximum suction force is 2150Pa, and small dust and large objects such as rice grains and soybeans can be easily removed.

The mainstream single-sided brush design is able to sweep the dust in one direction, and it does not interfere with each other on both sides. The brush also has a variable speed function, which can be automatically adjusted according to the actual situation.

The large-area V-shaped roller brush is made of wear-resistant nylon tufts and thermoplastic elastic materials, which is soft and does not hurt the floor.

The volume of the dust box and the water tank has reached 560ml, which is very large and can hold more dust. The opening of the dust box is very simple. The external HEPA filter can work efficiently and support washing. Besides, the built-in finer filter makes the life of the VIOMI V2 Pro longer.

What are these four holes in the fuselage? Different from other ordinary small water tanks, the water tank of VIOMI V2 Pro is controlled by computer, which can intelligently sense water coming out based on the level of dirt on the ground, and does not seep water during the shutdown. 

Meanwhile, the large water tank of 560ml can be cleaned at one time without adding water halfway.

Simple one-step installation of mop by holding the button.
▲Easy to mop the floor

4. Battery & Charging

The clever design of VIOMI V2 Pro charger with a hub at the bottom is to collect the extra wires, neat and clutter-free.

3200 mAh large-capacity battery, enough to cope with a room of 200 square meters, with long battery life. Automatic recharge, simple and convenient.

5. APP Control

After downloading the related App, not only can VIOMI V2 Pro map out the actual environment map by radar and demonstrate the cleaned areas, but we can also directly click on the location to be cleaned and the forbidden areas on the App map, which is very convenient.

After a few day’s experiences, the VIOMI V2 Pro can sweep cleanly and cope with a variety of complex environments. No need to worry about it when it is unattended. Every day when I get home, I can see the clean ground. As a lazy guy, I feel so comfortable.

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Coupon: E47ED65EABA27000

Expiry date: 00:00 May 31, 2020 

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