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Daily Affordable Tablet You Deserve to Have, CHUWI CoreBook CWI542 2 in 1 Tablet PC!

Daily Affordable Tablet You Deserve to Have, CHUWI CoreBook CWI542 2 in 1 Tablet PC!

First of all:

The tablet specifications are insane for this price. If you compare it to Microsoft Surface devices you are at about 1/2 of the price for a close to a similar product. But this also comes at its costs.

Let's start:

A. The performance: I have not had any problems at all. This is no device for gaming, which should be obsolete to say, but it's completely fine for office works. Full HD Videos, MS Office and even Adobe PS are running fine.
Multiple tabs are no problem at all. I found its limits using graphic-rendering IDE's on it ( IntelliJ, Android-Studio). They are running fine, but slowly. Still: You're absolutely able to work with it!

B. The display: I like the display and its brightness. If you've got dark screens, you can see that the lighting isn't perfect.

It's clear, looking great. I couldn't imagine more.But here is the first negative thing I got to say: Using the pen, it doesn't recognize the pointer perfectly. There is always a small gap in between. 

This might be critical for professional designers but, again, it does not bother in everyday usage. Writing and painting work perfectly. For PDFs, you do need an extra App since Draw-board is not included!

C. The keyboard is nice to type and the tablet stands perfectly. When I first saw it I was pretty disappointed, but now I love it. It's small, lightweight and stable, even when used eg. in bed. 

You can also lean the tablet against your knees while sitting on a couch. The touch-pad is okay, it seems a little too sensitive, but I greatly got along with it.

D. I wasn't able to reproduce 8H of battery time, but still, I reached 6 hours and this is perfectly fine for me.

E. What more to say? Maybe you could question why there is a Micro-USB and no USB or at least two USB-C interfaces. I got no idea since you can't efficiently load it via a micro-USB cable (even with a USB-C cable I only get to not-discharge further). 

But there are adapters out there, so whatever.I am sorry for my bad English and the tons of mistakes I have made in all of my sentences!

CHUWI CoreBook CWI542 2 in 1 Tablet PC with Keyboard



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