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Xiaomi Aqara Smart Human Motion Sensor Hands-on Experience

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Human Motion Sensor Hands-on Experience

The Xiaomi Aqara RTCGQ11LM is the best affordable human motion sensor. This version has a lux sensor, which lacks in the MI version. It's discreet and smaller than other brands. It is easy to install, and you can synchronize it with other Xiaomi Smart devices to perform various tasks.

Why Did I Buy the Xiaomi Aqara RTCGQ11LM Smart Human Motion Sensor?

I deem the Xiaomi RTCGQ11LM motion sensor to be the best human motion sensor in the market. It is advanced compared to other human sensors in its price range. Some of the reasons why I bought the Xiaomi RTCGQ11LM include but are not limited to: 

1. Superb Design and Mini Size

It flaunts a simplistic minute design and measures 1.18 x 1.18 x 1.30 inches/3.0 x 3.0 x 3.3 cm, and weighs only 18 grams.  

This human motion sensor is small and easily portable. One can mistake it for a mobile charger.  

2. Ease of Assembly

It is very easy to assemble the Xiaomi RTCGQ11LM motion sensor. It has a holder attached to it. 

The holder has a sticker, which allows you to place your Xiaomi Aqara RTCGQ11LM sensor on any surface, including walls and ceilings. 

Why Do I Recommend the Xiaomi Aqara RTCGQ11LM Motion Sensor?

You will never regret buying the Aqara RTCGQ11LM Smart Human Motion Sensor because of:

1. Intelligent Induction

The motion sensor has a detection distance of 7 meters. Whenever a person goes through, it automatically turns on the night light. 

Through Intelligent Induction, Xiaomi motion sensor can do a lot of things. For instance, it can:

- Detect your room’s darkness and temperature and turn on the lights and air conditioner according to your settings.

- Trigger an alarm or doorbell whenever a person approaches your front door. 

- Notify you when someone enters a restricted area.

- Help you save energy in unoccupied spaces using motion sensor lighting.

2. Ease of Installation

It takes a few minutes to install the Xiaomi Aqara RTCGQ11LM Smart Home Human Motion Sensor. 

To start the sensor, you need to add it to the Mijia App. Once your device starts, you just long press its Reset button until its blue light blinks thrice continuously

Now your Xiaomi RTCGQ11LM is ready for use. You can also connect it easily to other devices.

Testing the Xiaomi  Aqara RTCGQ11LM Smart Human Motion Sensor

1. Rotatability in Tilt

I was able to adjust the Xiaomi RTCGQ11LM Motion Sensor, and also tilt and rotate it in other directions.
The device has a small stand connecting the device to its holder.

You can tilt the holder to 90 degrees and rotate the device 180 degrees right or left. This gives a wider detection angle and enables you to adjust it according to your security and accommodation needs.

2. Connection with Network-Controlled Light

I was able to easily link my Xiaomi RTCGQ11LM motion sensor to a network-controlled night light. 

When it senses human movement or presence, your device will smartly turn on the linked night light. This means that you will never need to look for the switch when you get up. You will be able to automatically turn on the light without hitting any objects on the way. 

What is more, the lights will turn on when an intruder enters your room, enabling you to see them. Therefore, you can use this device as an alarm.

3. Ability to Turn the Air Conditioner On

The Xiaomi Aqara RTCGQ11LM could turn on the air conditioner whenever it detects human presence or movement. Whenever I left my room, the device would automatically turn off the air conditioner and turn it on whenever someone enters the room.

The Main Advantage of the Xiaomi Aqara RTCGQ11LM

The main advantage of this human motion sensor is its connection with other Xiaomi Zigbee devices in your home. 

Essentially, Zigbee devices allow for the wireless connection, which helps you establish a system that gives you a better service and a state-of-art user experience.

Who Should Buy the Xiaomi Aqara RTCGQ11LM?

The Xiaomi RTCGQ11LM Human Motion Sensor is a smart, advanced device that enables you to have a perfect Smart home. 

On top of being a human presence and movement detector, it connects with other smart devices improving and simplifying your life. 

I recommend this device to anyone seeking to make their home safe and smarter. 

Aqara RTCGQ11LM Smart Home Aqara Human Motion Sensor ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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