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How to Quickly Find out Whether a Man/Woman is Reliable in a Relationship or Not.

How to Quickly Find out Whether a Man/Woman is Reliable in a Relationship or Not.

Tell you a fast way to find out whether a person is reliable or not.

Please note that the "reliability" I mention mainly refers to the emotional and martial reliability. More specifically, it is a trick to quickly judge whether a man is trustworthy or a woman is the right one for your relationship.

Anyway, the trick is not devised by me, but my mother! She always says, those whose teeth are good, have a good personality. 

Let's have a look at the old lady's golden law.

Many things in life are good for you in the long run but not immediately rewarded, exceptionally boring, or painful things at the moment. For example, learning, quitting smoking and playing fewer video games. They are about "delayed rewards" and self-control.

Brushing teeth is something of a "delayed reward."

Upon my arrival in the United States, I saw a poster on the wall at a dentist, which half-joked, "You're deceived - toothpaste is mainly to make brushing less boring."

Yes, brushing your teeth is boring - you can't get an immediate reward from it, but in the long run, it is good for you.

If a person pursues "carpe diem," he/she is in a lack of self-control. Well, he/she has likely brushed his teeth carelessly since childhood. Day by day, he/she has severe problems in teeth. What's more, their teeth must be not as healthy as those of the self-controlled people after entering adulthood.

Theoretically, those who believe in "carpe diem" are more likely to become losers who are addicted to games or lazy shrews.

So, he who has good teeth has a good personality.

It takes time to find out a person's personality by observing his behaviors little by little. In comparison, it's easy to know whether a person's teeth are good or not.

Carefully brushing teeth is a good habit that is difficult to develop in a day or two. Well, do you want to disguise yourself as a reliable person with a mouthful of bad teeth? No way!

Until recently, 

the emergence of electric toothbrushes has broken the golden law.

What's different? 

If you use an ordinary toothbrush, you've got to brush your teeth carefully for a long time and pay attention to the movement of the toothbrush. It's not the case if you replace it with an electric toothbrush. 

It's because it fundamentally improves the efficiency of brushing teeth. Even a lazy person without self-discipline can narrow the gap in teeth brushing effect between a good guy with self-discipline.

How shocking it is! Once it is prevalent, my mom's golden law will be useless.

Oh, by the way, if a guy truly loves you, he will buy two and put them at home. One is yours.

So sweet and reliable!

I have a few more words to say from the perspective of science.

The electric toothbrush achieves the deep cleaning through the high-frequency vibration of the ultra-fine bristles.

Don't you find that after using necklaces or metal watchbands for a long time, a lot of dirt has built up in those tiny cracks? Many people use soap water and toothbrushes to clean them.

It might work to some extent. However, it takes a lot of time to clean it thoroughly. What's worse, no matter how careful you are, there will always be a few corners unclean. Plus, it will harm the metal surface.

Do you know how the professionals clean the jewels? 

They have a marvelous tool, called ultrasonic cleaner! 

All you have to do is to put the jewelry in the sink of the instrument. The high-frequency vibration of the water makes it easy to remove the dirt hidden in every corner.

The cleaning effect is impressive, and it takes only a minute. More importantly, the cleaner does not harm your precious necklaces, rings, or high-priced watchbands.

In many cases, you don't even need to add any detergent, but only clean water!

The electric toothbrush works in the same way.

Many people think that electric toothbrushes clean the teeth by brushing, but they are wrong. Electric toothbrushes use high-frequency vibration, significantly improving the cleaning effect. 

The cleaning efficiency is much higher, whereas it causes minimum harm to the teeth and gum. 

Haha, the American dentist's joke mentioned above seems more plausible now. With an electric toothbrush, the toothpaste is less useful.

Honestly, I've brushed my teeth with the electric toothbrush for almost ten years. The last electric toothbrush I used was Philips electric toothbrush that I bought a few years ago. I've just replaced it with the new Oclean Z1 toothbrush.

Nowadays, electric toothbrushes on the market are feature-laden, and the cost of learning is high, making them not practical to use.

Oclean Z1 only has a button, which is absolutely the top choice for those who want to save time and avoid the hassle.

Although it looks simple, the hardware configuration is impressive.

Oclean Z1 uses a motor with a speed of up to 4000 rpm for a cleaning effect comparable to that of high-end products from Philips.

My favorite feature is the reminder function for the eight blind spots. 

The built-in 6-axis gyroscope can identify and monitor eight parts of the mouth, so one can form a habit of brushing the teeth scientifically.

Additionally, Dupont bristles of Oclean Z1 are very comfortable, which is a bliss for patients tortured by dental hypersensitivity.

Oclean Z1 stands out with simple appearance, powerful functions, and convenient operation. It has been launched in world debut on Gearbest.

Oclean Z1 normal price: $49.99

Gearbest debut price: $39.99

Deadline of Debut: 23:59 UTC, Nov 14

Those who make the first 1,000 orders can get a $9.99 2-in-1 wall-mounted toothbrush holder for free; 

The 1001st to 1300th orders can get a $4.99 toothbrush head for free. 

Oclean Z1 Smart LED Light Acoustic Wave Electric Toothbrush Brushless Motor 32 Intensity Levels Non-metal Tufting Blind Zones Detection App Control International Version from Xiaomi youpin



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