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4 Essential Electronic Tools You Won't Regret to Have

4 Essential Electronic Tools You Won't Regret to Have

If you are an electrician and are doing various kinds of electrical maintenance works, then a non-contact voltage tester and a digital multimeter become the primary and most essential tools to have in your gadget bag. 

If you are an engineer and do safety tests in construction sites, then a sound level meter and infrared thermometer help a lot in daily job. 

Usually, you may spend a lot of time searching for the right tools, and it's tough to do that. As we know, there are thousands of similar devices online. However, when you find a reliable brand, all will be easy.

Today I'm going to recommend the brand, MESTEK to you. Speaking of this, I was very grateful to my friend - Tommy, he is the owner of a hardware shop. I was ready to buy Fluke in the beginning, and Tommy told me to try MESTEK, which offers quality as good as Fluke but is more cost-effective than Fluke. 

Let's get back to the point. MESTEK is a Chinese company that produces electronic testing devices. You may not have heard of the brand before, but if you did some online research on this brand like me, you would find MESTEK has much more loyal supporters than expected around the world. 

MESTEK has produced several series of electronic devices such as digital multimeters, clamp meters, infrared thermometers, laser range finders, non-contact voltage testers, electronic loads, sound level meters and they have a good reputation for its good quality and great technology. 

This brand has almost all the tools that my daily job requires. It means that I don't have to go for other tools from other brands, which will make my work easier. 

Now let's move on and have a quick look at the 4 essential tools. They are considered as the best cost-effective MESTEK products. 

1. MESTEK AC10 Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Generally, we don't know a small tool is a thing that separates life from death. And a non-contact voltage tester is a life-saving device for electricians. 

It's the safest way to make sure the power is off without touching any wires.

I'm very surprised at the MESTEK AC10 NCV voltage tester. It has a better voltage profile with dual sensitivity range, and it can detect voltages ranging from 12V/48V to 1000V AC.

The device automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the instrument itself to detect electromagnetic fields of different intensity (with different LED colors and different frequency beeps to indicate the intensity differences between different electromagnetic fields).

Plus, the AC10 voltage tester features a bright flashlight. It comes in handy when the power cuts off suddenly while working. 

Made from lightweight and durable ABS, this tester is strong enough to drop safely from a height of 2 meters. Also, it has a pocket clip for a safe and secure fit in your pocket.

Whether you are an electrician or just making simple electrical repairs in your home, with MESTEK AC10 voltage tester close by, you can quickly look for the faulty part in the circuit and make necessary changes, to assure its working. 

Also, this voltage tester is very safe and easy to use so that anyone in simple household projects can use it.

If a voltage tester is not enough for you to troubleshoot anything that runs on electricity, you'd better have a multimeter, which is an essential tool for not just electricians but also amateur engineers, home users, DIY enthusiasts of all kinds of electronics projects.

MESTEK AC10 Intelligent Test Pen Line Detection



2. MESTEK DM90S Automatic True RMS Digital Multimeter

No matter you choose a multimeter for basic electrical testing, troubleshooting or preventive maintenance, MESTEK DM90S is the best digital multimeter for you. 

Along with DC voltmeter, AC voltmeter, and ohmmeter, this multitester can measure several aspects of electrical circuits, such as voltage, capacitance, and resistance. 

Apart from these basic functions, DM90S multimeter comes with a large backlight display, kickstand, flashlight, probe holders, and magnetic hanger. 

True to their name, the special designs mentioned above increase the utility and versatility of DM90S multimeter. The backlight display enables you to get readouts easily in the dazzling daytime, and the flashlight makes it easy to test devices at night or in the dark. 

With the kickstand, you can do the testing hands-freely on the countertop. 

Additionally, the magnetic hanger is designed for easy set-up and viewing in the narrow space while freeing your hands for other tasks. I find that, when making measurements, it is very convenient to store the test probes in the meter with built-in probe holders.

What impressed me the most is its auto-ranging system as the multimeter takes the readings rapidly. MESTEK DM90S also has a non-contact voltage testing feature. As such a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use multimeter, it's undoubtedly a great choice for commercial or residential use.

MESTEK DM90S Automatic Multimeter



3. MESTEK IR01B Handheld Infrared Thermometer

MESTEK IR01B is an IR thermometer that allows you to measure temperature quickly from a distance, and without touching the object, you're measuring. 

This handheld infrared thermometer can measure from -50 to 550 degrees Celsius. As a non-contact IR thermometer, it is safe to use.

The adjustable emissivity is an important feature of the IR01B thermometer. The emissivity ranges from 0.1 to 1.00 to enhance measurement accuracy. 

R01B infrared thermometer is often used to find overheated equipment and electrical circuits, but it has hundreds of other uses. 

Thanks to its 12:1 distance-to-spot ratio, MESTEK IR01B thermometer gun provides you with perfect accuracy in several daily tasks. 

You can use it in cooking, real estate, fire-watch, electrical engineering, car maintenance, and so on.

If you are looking for the best and affordable IR thermometer, this laser gun should be the perfect solution for you. 

MESTEK IR01B Handheld Infrared Thermometer



4. MESTEK SL620 High Precision Noise Tester

Compared with most common sound level meters, MESTEK SL620 noise tester has a highlighted feature with dual adjustable level, measuring from 35dB to 135dB, so that you can get accurate readings in a greater range. 

The HOLD function will hold the reading until the reading is picked up. SL620 sound meter is equipped with a sensitive microphone (reducing the effects of wind noise) to give you a precise decibel value.

If you are not going to buy a sound level meter, you may not know why it's necessary. According to researchers, people who are exposed over long periods to noise levels at 85 dBA or higher are at a much greater risk for hearing loss. 

However, we can't hear all frequencies or pitches of decibels, so an A-weighted decibel meter can be used to describe sound based on what our ears can hear. 

Many common sounds are louder than we think, for example, when you are listening to music with your earphones at a maximum volume, the sound generated can reach a level of over 100 dBA, loud enough to cause permanent damage after just 15 minutes per day!

If you are being disturbed by a noisy neighbor and want to take to file a noise complaint, this MESTEK SL620 noise tester will be the witness. 

If you are doing the standard noise testing for building construction or industrial manufacture, SL620 helps you keep your project run smoothly. 

If you are going to conduct a decibel challenge for a weekend party, then MESTEK SL620 decibel meter should be a must-have tool.

Anyway, when it comes the noise testing, don't think that's none of your business. The below table shows the decibels levels and hearing damage of common noise sources, check the list and keep away from the hearing-damaged noise from now on. 

If you can't stop the noise, try to wear some hearing protectors, such as earplugs or earmuffs, to protect your hearing.

MESTEK SL620 High Precision Noise Tester



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