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Attention! You’d Be Awkward When The Hair Of This Part Comes Out By Accident! Try SOOCAS N1 Nose Hair Trimmer

Attention! You’d Be Awkward When The Hair Of This Part Comes Out By Accident! Try SOOCAS N1 Nose Hair Trimmer

Dressing up well means taking responsibility for life, and showing respect to others. 

Generally, men need to take care of their beard, hair, and nails. However, they forget that the nasal hair in the invisible part might ruin your image. 

Especially after shaving and getting your hair cut, the nasal hair in the nostrils becomes even more prominent. However, few people care about it. 

The nasal hair grows as fast as the beard. In lack of trimming, one will look uncivil.

Even though your girlfriend doesn't point out the problem, it doesn't mean that she doesn't dislike it. Similarly, it doesn't mean that your customer won't judge your image accordingly. 

In social situations, the most embarrassing is that after someone speaks of it with you, and the rest will throw a glance at you. It seems as if you were barbaric, and you'd want to disappear. 

Honestly, in 2019, even a tough guy shouldn't appear floppy.

Today, I will introduce a product to you - SOOCAS N1 Nose Hair Trimmer, so that you can be worry-free!  

Multi-purpose butterfly blade, trimming without pulling

People are afraid of pulling, no matter for trimming the eyebrow or nasal hair. 

Apart from pain, you are going to miss a strand of hair occasionally and expose the mucous membrane to the dust.

As long as you have SOOCAS N1, you won't need to worry about it.

The unique butterfly double-wing blade is designed to trim nasal hair in both directions. As your hand can turn 360 degrees, you won't miss any part of the face. 

The long blade on the top has been rounded to avoid causing any harm to the skin. 

Only the shorter blade on the bottom can trim the nasal hair. It is so safe that you can do it with your eyes shut. 

Such a design is to guarantee the safety and trim the hair to the ideal length. 

As we all know, nasal hair can keep dust from entering the respiratory tract. Removing all hair will be harmful to the nasal mucosa.

The spacing between the teeth is small, allowing in only a tiny amount of hair at a time. In this way, the hair does not get stuck. Through the high-speed vibration, the nasal hair can be cut more smoothly than some rotary trimmers.

For daily use, don't be afraid that the hair might get pulled up. The stable performance is for the peace of mind.

Apart from the nasal hair, men can use it to trim sideburns, ear hair, and other hair, especially ear hair, which is the enemy of life to me!

The head of the knife also supports IPX5 grade waterproofing. After each use, it can be rinsed directly under clean water.

The plastic part of the knife head is also added with 2% nano-silver antibacterial material to maintain the hygiene of the knife head. 

Daily use of peace of mind and ease of mind.

Round and anti-slip, good-looking

A trimmer can't be shaky when dealing with any kinds of hair. It is critical to be anti-slip.

SOOCAS N1 Nose Hair Trimmer is ergonomic - its streamlines on the back fit well with the palm. Such a design ensures a good grip, which is reinforced by the anti-slip texture.

As you hold it, your thumb can rest on the button to push it down effortlessly.

The white body embellished by the rose gold looks elegant and superior.

The trimmer is small for easy carrying. Taking it on a business trip, you'll look perfect every time you show up to meet a customer.

Auto shutdown in 10min, safe and energy-saving

 Don't worry. You won't turn it on by mistake although the device comes with a push-button.

The SOOCAS trimmer has a built-in 10min timer to shut down after power-up each time. You don't need to worry that the battery might run low when it is put in a bag or a suitcase.

Such a thoughtful design helps to save money to a maximum extent.

By the way, this trimmer is not rechargeable - it requires one AA battery, which will come with the electric razor.

Although it is a pity that the battery is non-rechargeable, you can replace it after running out of juice, which is not so bad.

At present, only the white color is available, and a storage bag comes at no extra cost.

SOOCAS is an excellent emerging brand dedicated to personal care electronics. (I've bought one of its electric brushes, which is cost-effective.) It's got investment from Xiaomi and Shunwei Inc. Now, it is in Xiaomi's ecosystem.
"Devoted out of love, excellent out of devotion." SOOCAS hopes to use electronics to improve the quality of life for users.

When I use this product, I am impressed with its meticulous workmanship. As for ladies, this is sure to be an excellent gift to your boyfriend!

I won't miss it! What about you?

SOOCAS N1 Nose Hair Trimmer from Xiaomi Youpin



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