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Super Easy-to-use SOOCAS Dental Floss Sticks, Under $3 A Box For Cleaning Teeth, Preventing Decay, Freshening Breath

Super Easy-to-use SOOCAS Dental Floss Sticks, Under $3 A Box For Cleaning Teeth, Preventing Decay, Freshening Breath

After eating, many people like using toothpicks to remove food residue. 

However, toothpicks are for general cleaning. As for some small things stuffed in the teeth, no matter how you stick in a toothpick, you can't pick out anything. 

Out of carelessness, your gums might bleed, what's more, gaps between teeth will grow large over time.

That's why I prefer floss sticks, which are soft and tensile. By using floss sticks, you can quickly clear away the food residue between teeth every time, and feel comfortable instantly. 

I had a misunderstanding of the floss stick before using one. Many people say that the more you use a floss stick, the wider the tooth gap will be. 

Really? Dentists say floss sticks will not make your tooth gap wider, but help to clean your teeth thoroughly, prevent decayed teeth, and refresh your breath. 

Though in doubt, I have used the toothpick for more than half a year. As I find that the tooth gaps are no different from what they were in the mirror, I am relieved. After every meal, the mouth also smells a lot better. 

Hey, guys, you don't need to worry, since I've already used them for so long.

There are excellent and lousy floss sticks, some of which suddenly break during use, embarrassing to death. 

Today, I am going to share with you SOOCAS floss stick. It can remove the teeth food residue, the tartar in tooth grooves, and clean the tongue. Multi-purpose, it is so great! The most important thing is that a box of floss sticks costs less than $3, so affordable that it seems giveaway.

The floss is made of high-tension, flexible polymer fiber. It is said that the material is first used to make military bulletproof vests. No wonder the quality is so good. 

The floss is thin and soft, extraordinarily tough. See? It is impossible to pull apart it in any case.

After each meal, I will take out one. It can easily slip into the tooth gaps. You should be careful when using it, or your gum might suffer from bleeding.

The bow-shaped handle is praiseworthy, offering exceptional user experience. 

The floss stick is more convenient to use than the traditional floss, moving freely between teeth back and forth.

The end of the floss stick can be used as a toothpick to pick up large pieces of food residue stuck between the teeth! 

It is so easy-to-use! The anti-slip texture is also thoughtful.

The smooth arc is a tongue scraper to refresh the breath. 

How cost-effective it is! You don't need to spend on a tongue scraper.

The whole floss stick is made of food-grade materials for the peace of mind. You can put it in the mouth without worry.

Each box contains 50 SOOCAS floss sticks.

The box is extremely compact for easy carrying. Pick up one floss stick, whenever you need.

Finally, let's find more about the brand, SOOCAS. 

SOOCAS is a brand in Xiaomi's ecosystem, offering trustworthy products. Its electric toothbrushes and hairdryers are high-quality and nice-looking, becoming popular right after the launch.

I happened to buy the floss stick when the SOOCAS hairdryer attracted me at first. I've to say that my decision was right then.

Everyone should take good care of their teeth. After all, you have to rely on it to eat and drink even when you get older.

If not cleaned in time, the food residues will lead to dental caries, halitosis, plaque, calculus, etc.

A box of the floss sticks costs less than $3. In comparison, a dental filling is tormenting and costly, which requires hundreds of dollars each time.

Alright, that's all for today.

SOOCAS Dental Floss 50pcs from Xiaomi youpin



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