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Eazmaker Desktop Laser 3D Scanner Under $120 Provides an Easier Way to Build Three-dimensional Modeling!

Eazmaker Desktop Laser 3D Scanner Under $120 Provides an Easier Way to Build Three-dimensional Modeling!

At the end of the 1970s, laser triangulation technology made way for new technologies that are capable of scanning objects in 3D to emerge. 

Even though most individuals found it difficult to use because it for reserved for industrialists, this tool has evolved, allowing just anyone to find cheap 3D scanners that are under $120.

In the past, it was quite challenging to build modeling before actually printing the models. Thanks to technological advancement and the invention of 3D scanners, you don't have to worry about this problem. It's because it has been solved and you can build your models without difficulty before printing it.

Eazmaker Desktop Laser 3D scanner is a powerful tool that you can use to build models before printing it. You can't compare this tool with industrial scanners as it only gives excellent results when objects are placed close to the cylinder. 

It is also not suitable for scanning irregularly complex objects. Besides, for under $120, this 3D scanner delivers top-quality models and outperforms many 3D scanners in the market for the same price.

Design Highlights of Eazmaker Desktop Laser 3D Scanner

· Uses CMOS technology as its scanning component
· Open-source desktop laser 3D scanner
· Fast speed to finish scanning an object within 15 – 30 minutes
· Equipped with a non-slip mat to hold the model; otherwise, moving objects cannot be scanned
· Uses USB 2.0 interface type
· Supports Linux, MAC OS X, Win Vista, Win XP, Win7 32-bit/64-bit, Win8 32-bit/64-bit
· Accuracy of the scan depends on light, environment and object shapes

With dimensions of 48 x 40 x 20 cm and a weight of 2.7kg, Eazmaker desktop 3D scanner is one of the world's smallest 3D scanners. It has high precision, and it is marketed for under $120 for the complete bundle.

Practical Performance of Eazmaker Desktop Laser 3D Scanner

Eazmaker is the only open-source 3D scanner in our collection. The 3D laser comes with powerful software that makes the scanning process easier, and all this information and electronic components are free online. 


Eazmaker 3D laser scanner as a unique product is suitable for the following:
· Opaque objects
· Non-moving objects
· Objects with weight less than 3kg
· Objects with space diameter and height greater than 5x5 cm


The Eazmaker 3D scanner finds it difficult to scan the following objects:
· Transparent objects such as glass, organic plastic, etc.
· Illuminated or strongly reflecting objects
· Dark objects with blurred surfaces
· Objects with volume space of less than 5x5 cm

NB: if the object you plan to scan has a weight higher than 3kg or has a dimension greater than 20.3 x 20.3 cm, then Eazmaker isn't the best tool to use.


Eazmaker 3D laser scanner is a top-quality device with unique features and top scanning speed. If it's within your budget to get this powerful tool, what are you waiting for? Get an Eazmaker 3D laser scanner and experience a whole new technology of 3D printing with fast modeling.

Eazmaker 3D Scanner Open Source Desktop Laser Three-dimensional Scanning



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