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Samebike LO26 REVIEW: THIS Electric Bike Looks Amazing!

Samebike LO26 REVIEW: THIS Electric Bike Looks Amazing!

We have entered the age of electric transport. If electric cars are still expensive, and most people cannot afford them, then electric scooters and electric bicycles are affordable options.

In this article we will talk about one of the best electric bikes in 2010 called Samebike LO26. It has a stylish folding design, maximum speed up to 30 km/h and battery life of 70 km on a single charge.

Samebike LO26: Design

LO26 is a folding electric bike with an unusual steering and seat adjustment system. This is an example of good ergonomics and design. It has a very compact folded size of 103 x 37 x 104 cm. The unfolded size is 77.00 x 82.00 x 104.00 cm and weight 30 kg.

You will not need a suitcase or a case to carry or transport this electric bike by bus, train or plane. Even in the unfolded state, it is easy to carry in the hands, to bring on the stairs and in the room.

They say it is impossible to reinvent the wheel and improve the design of the bike. Samebike did both. The new electric bike has become a real masterpiece of art, the product of the latest technologies.

The body of the bike is made of aluminum alloy, which is much stronger than plastic. At the same time, it is fairly light and does not weigh down the structure of the electric bike. Due to this, the factors of the speed and maneuverability of the device are significantly improved. The safety is ensured by hydraulic brake discs on the front and rear wheels.

Samebike LO26 electric bike has a very simple package: electric bike itself, user manual, charging cable and tools.

Samebike LO26: Features

Lightweight and incredibly beautiful, Samebike LO26 is also one of the sophisticated electric bikes that has become technologically perfect. It is equipped with Shimano automatic transmission.

Despite its small size, the most innovative part of the bike is a small electric motor connected to the rear wheel axle. The LO26 has a patented 350 watt motor. The bike can reach speeds of 30 km/h. Thanks to its aluminum alloy frame, it can support a payload of up to 150 kg.

The wheels have a size of 26 inches and they are made of composite materials. From a technological point of view, Samebike LO26 is one of the most interesting electric bicycles of 2020.

The device has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 10.4Ah. The battery is located in the frame of the bike, under the seat and does not interfere with driving. Due to this, the cyclist easily overcomes a distance of 70 km with moped mode or 40 km with pure electric mode. It will take up to 4 hours to fully charge it.

Samebike LO26 is characterized by an unusual steering and seat adjustment system. Electric transport provides the same conditions for landing, as well as bicycles with large wheels – but with great adjustment possibilities for cyclists of various sizes. The geometry of the frame and the fit of the saddle make it possible to feel greater comfort for people with very different height and body types.

Samebike LO26: Control

As well as when driving a car, all the necessary and useful information about the condition of your bike and how to control it are located on the steering wheel. There is a small LCD screen that displays information about battery level, speed, distance and mode. The display is directly in front of your eyes, so any time you can check the data.

Also, on the steering wheel on the left is a remote control for controlling the electric component of the bike and the front brake knob, on the right – the rear brake knob and the switch for rear gears. The bike syncs with smartphone via Bluetooth.

Samebike LO26: Light

One of the main advantage of Samebike LO26 bike compares to other electric biked in 2018 is the large LED front lighting. It makes your trip safer, and also the design of bike more elegance and some futurism.

There is also a small removable flashlight that can be attached under the seat. With it, you will be clearly visible behind the transport. Such an improvement also significantly increases the visibility of the vehicle during the day and with poor visibility.

Samebike LO26: Price

We like that Samebike LO26 looks like an ordinary bike, not like FIIDO D2 or HIMO V1. Thanks to its reliable design, the bike has payload of 150kg. Also, you can fold a bicycle and transport it in a car or store it at home.

The speed and battery life are also greater than many other electric bikes of this year. You can accelerate to 30 km/h and ride up to 70 kilometers on a single charge. Isn’t that great? The best vehicle for the city. you can buy it at Gearbest for 899 USD

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