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[Coupon Included] $20 OFF! Xiaomi Smart Pet House Priced at $149.99! Intelligent Temperature Control & Sleep Monitoring To Make Your Cat Sleep More Comfortably

[Coupon Included] $20 OFF! Xiaomi Smart Pet House Priced at $149.99! Intelligent Temperature Control & Sleep Monitoring To Make Your Cat Sleep More Comfortably

The pet has become an indispensable family member for us. 

Recently, Xiaomi has crowdfunded a smart cat house, which integrates intelligence, safety, and fun. 

Different from traditional cat houses, it enables you to check your pet’s status in real-time with the APP and adjust accordingly to take good care of it.

This cat house uses a fashionable capsule shape. 

It is stable because the regular triangle prevents it from overturning, which is different from previous designs. 

The main exit and two small ones satisfy the nature of cats for more playability. 

They also prevent the risk of apnea in case an exit is blocked when the cat house is tilted. 

Don’t worry that the cat house is turned over. There is the inductive sensor on the bottom of the capsule. 

Once it is tilted or away from the floor, you can receive a notification via the App instantly. 

The cabin incorporates light control. There are 7 bright colors and brightness adjustments, so your pet won’t be afraid of the darkness when it is alone at home.

This cat nest can control the temperature, and provide advice for new pet owners to help their pets get through the summer heat and coldness in winter. 

What’s more, different from the wood and fabrics used in ordinary cat houses, this cat house uses mildew-proof, and non-deforming injection molded parts. 

It also has a newly designed cooling system to prevent dew when cooling, even though the environment is damp. Therefore, pets won’t be troubled by skin diseases caused by the damp environment. 

There is also a Wheatstone bridge underneath, which accurately detects and records pets’ activity and sleep data. By using the App, you can pay close attention to its health at any time.

Following home aesthetics, the cat nest is designed to be detachable. 

Thus, owners no longer have to worry about cleaning the cat house, regardless of the sticky hair and hair shedding. 

The cat house consists of two separate parts, the upper and the lower one, which makes it easy to clean. 

Furthermore, the two different components can be used separately for rest or entertainment. 

The three circular holes which function as the entrance and exit guarantee safety. 

The easy-to-clean fleece inner provides pets with ultra-comfort and warmth as if the owner always hugged them. Thanks to the ample space, pets can fully stretch their bodies.

Although it has so many functions, it is not power-consuming. 

The pet capsule adopts an intelligent energy-saving design, which significantly reduces power consumption. Only 0.5kWh a day is needed. 
Let pets keep up with the trend!

Update note: this smart pet house from Xiaomi Youpin is on sale now, grab it for your pets!

Update note: Thanks Gearbest Community approved my requirement of a coupon for this new gear! Limited time, limited coupons, take this smart pet house home for your kitties.

Coupon code: GBPET2892

Coupon price: $149.99

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