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Ninebot Segway ES2. Full Review.

Ninebot Segway ES2. Full Review.

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In 2019, Segway launched a series of urban electric scooters ES1, ES2 and ES4. Their main differences are in technical parameters. ES1 is the most budget and simplest modification, and ES4 is the version with the highest technical specifications. The hero of our review is Ninebot Segway kick scooter ES2.

This electric scooter with 8 inch wheels and an electric motor, the power of which is 300 watts, was created specifically for city roads. Its carrying capacity is designed for people weighing from 20 to 100 kg and a height of 1.2 to 2 meters.


The developers of Ninebot Segway ES2 did a great job on the design of the series. Electric scooters have a reliable and thick steering rack, and a thin deck, with a slight increase in the front, adds originality. At the edges of the platform, it seems to be slightly narrower, resembling a trapezoid.
At first it’s even hard to understand whether it’s electric or not. After all, its compact size and the absence of any wires are characteristic of ordinary models. But a closer look, you understand that the electric drive still gives out the presence of a motor wheel.

ES2 is quite compact, its length is 1 m, steering wheel width 0.4 m, height 1.11 m, and the wheels are located at a distance of 0.8 m from each other. The platform width is 0.15 m, length 0.45 m, ground clearance - 0.08 m.


On top of the deck is covered with a silicone layer, providing excellent adhesion of the shoe sole and the surface of the board, eliminating slipping. The silicone layer is simple and easy to clean, dirt is easily cleaned from the surface with a simple wet sponge or rag, unlike an sand coating.

Ninebot Segway  ES2 has a very simple folding mechanism. In order for the electric scooter to take compact dimensions, you need to press the only latch at the bottom of the steering rack, while pushing the steering wheel a little forward. Pressing leads to a weakening of the locking mechanism, and, pulling the steering rack to the rear wheel, you need to snap a special hook on the steering rack with the corresponding groove on the rear wing. Now the stand is securely fixed, and you can safely use it as a handle for carrying the device.

To decompose the Ninebot Segway ES2, you need to push down on the rear wing, and, having released the hook, raise the steering column until it clicks into place. Handlebars do not fold. The steering wheel itself is not telescopic.

Battery and motor-weel

LG's very high quality built-in battery consists of 20 batteries. The batteries are combined in two assemblies located in parallel. The capacity of each element is 2600 mAh, that is, the total capacity is 5200 mAh (187Wh). Segway took into account that today the electric transport market is not the highest indicator, users expect more. Therefore, the developers have provided the ability to connect an additional external battery. This will increase the mileage by half. An additional battery is attached to the steering rack, the user can cope with this task themselves. Inside the steering rack, in addition to the battery, contains a controller, LED mechanism, on-board computer.

Ninebot Segway  ES2 is convenient and safe to charge. The charge socket is located on the steering rack and is closed from external influences by a rubber cap. This is a big plus, as options with the location of the connector on the platform for the legs are constantly attacked by road dirt, dust and moisture.

Now consider a direct-drive motor-wheel. In our case, it is located in front. The tire is a solid rubber, brand Rising Sun. Of course, hard solid tires absorb road bumps worse, but they are not at all threatened by punctures and deflating. And the shock absorber hidden in the gray rubber shell gives the suspension a softening effect. Therefore, on city roads, the electric scooter copes with the obligation to mitigate shocks. The rear wheel is made of the same tire material and is also equipped with a shock absorber. A wing is located above the rear wheel to prevent dirt from getting under the wheels on the rider. Also, as in most models of electric scooters, the rear wing performs the function of a mechanical brake. To do this, you must step on the wing, pressing it to the wheel.

Scooter control

The steering wheel allows you to rotate more than 45 degrees to the right and left. A gas trigger is located on the right side of the handle. On the left is an electronic brake. An on-board computer with a bright display is located in the middle. It displays data on the speed of the electric scooter, charge level, mileage traveled. Below is the only ES2 button, a short press on which starts the device. To turn off the electric scooter, you need to hold the button a little longer.


If you forgot to turn off ES2 - it does not matter, after a while without movement, it will turn off automatically. When the scooter is on, a short press on the button will turn on and off the front bright headlight. A long press toggles driving modes from economy to sport. Economy mode saves mileage up to 25 km, but the speed limit will not allow to accelerate above 15 km / h. Medium mode sets the average parameters. And sports gives the fastest and most maneuverable acceleration to 25 km / h, which in turn affects the reduction in mileage.
There is also the ability to control Ninebot Segway ES2 from the screen of your smartphone by installing the corresponding free application. The program displays the current status of the device, its use parameters (speed, power, charge level, battery temperature). In the application, you can block the movement of kick scooter ES2, change settings, set the maximum speed in modes, adjust the launch of cruise control, update the controller firmware and monitor its temperature.

As already mentioned, a bright headlight for movement in the dark is placed on the steering rack. LED headlight with good clearance, TIR optics used as a reflector. The brake light also uses an LED and is located on the rear wing, lighting up brighter when braking. Another kick scooter ES2 boasts a beautiful decorative illumination from the bottom of the deck. In the evening, this gives not only a beautiful aesthetic appearance, but also emphasizes additionally your location for other road users. Such a bright element cannot be missed on the road. The backlight colors change.

In my opinion, the Ninebot Segway ES2 is unlikely to disappoint its owner if it was bought for the purpose of quickly and economically moving along city streets. All modern functions are present in it, and a reasonable price makes it affordable for almost everyone.

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