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CUBOT Quest Lite Smartphone User Experience: A Mobile Phone That Outdoor Enthusiasts Can't Miss!

CUBOT Quest Lite Smartphone User Experience: A Mobile Phone That Outdoor Enthusiasts Can't Miss!

When I buy a mobile phone, I mainly consider the following two issues: First, what is my need? Second, what is my budget?

As a student, my budget is limited. Besides, as I like to ride a bicycle for a long-distance trip, so what I want is an affordable sports phone.

Considering the recommendations from a friend who often go cycling with me, I finally chose this CUBOT Quest Lite Smartphone. It not only satisfies the basic features I want but also costs less than $140. But it is worth emphasizing that its low price does not mean that it is not a good mobile phone. Furthermore, its design and configuration are still outstanding.

The phone is available in two colors, but both black and red are very decent. Because my friend is already using the red one, and I don't want to use the same color, so this time I chose the black one. I am fond of the appearance of this phone now, as it looks like a tough guy.

Although I have already seen its design on the Internet, I am still surprised by the first time I got such a mobile phone. 

My favorite is the design on its back, especially the signs for the sports like running, cycling and swimming below the fingerprint sensor. The appearance indicates its characteristics.

Compared with the previous 5.5-inch CUBOT Quest phone, the display of the Quest Lite is a 5-inch one with 1280 x 720 HD resolution screen. 

It is smaller and looks simpler in shape, only 8.8 mm thick, the weight is only 183g. The compact COUBT Quest Lite phone can be held in one hand. When I am riding the public bike from a long-distance journey, it is safe to hold Quest Lite in my hand.

Other than this, in our cycling association, this phone is also recognized as an excellent sports phone that is waterproof, shockproof, and dust-proof at the same time. When I am riding outdoors, no matter whether it is raining or in other harsh conditions, I don't have to worry about the regular use of the phone.

I think the CUBOT Quest Lite can show the perfect outdoor companion by focusing on three aspects, including resistance, performance, and endurance. 

First, the resistance part is achieved with the world's thinnest rugged materials build, Gorilla Glass 5 and IP68 waterproof, so the phone is good to go for adventures and water sports.

Its integrated body is made of metal with protective edges as the bumper, thus, even if the phone accidentally falls to roadside during my cycling, it can still keep the smartphone intact, but the shell will be inevitably scratched during the friction process.

And I remembered once I rode out, I encountered heavy rain and couldn't find a shelter from the rain in time. I was soaked, but the mobile phone in my pocket wasn't affected at all. The waterproof performance of the mobile phone is so powerful, and you don't need to worry too much about it at all.

Second, the phone is powered by MT6761 Quad Core 2.0GHz processor paired with 3GB RAM 32GB ROM of internal storage. Also, it features Android 9.0 and runs smoothly and quickly, just like my favorite bike.

Finally, the endurance is guaranteed by 3000mAh high capacity battery to last for an extra-long gym session or an outdoor trip. 

When the phone is fully charged, I take it out and start riding. I use it to listen to songs on the road and then it can be used without charging for the rest of the day!

Moreover, photo lovers should pay attention to the characteristics of the cameras. Equipped with SONY 5P camera, the 13.0MP + 2.0MP rear camera and 8.0MP front camera, the smartphone provides you with three modes, including beauty mode, night shot mode, pro mode. 

Even in sports, the camera performance is so excellent that you can record every exciting moment perfectly!

All in all, unlike the other phones I used to use, whether it is the design and display of the mobile phone, or its performance and battery life, this CUBOT mobile phone meets my expectations of low-cost mobile phones!

CUBOT Quest Lite 5.0 inch 4G Quad Core Sports Phablet Rugged Smartphone



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