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Xiaomi Smart LED Desk Lamp Review

Xiaomi Smart LED Desk Lamp Review

Xiaomi has transformed from an iPhone clone maker into a big manufacturer of smart products. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of interesting product like the Mi QiCycle folding electric bike, Mi Air Purifier, Mi Rice Cooker or Yi home camera.

Smart devices are not necessarily expensive, the Xiaomi MJTD01YL Mi Smart LED Lamp is an example. The product is brought to you by Now, let’s check out the lamp.

The Xiaomi lamp features a surprisingly minimalistic design. It
consists of two metal rods, one is fixed to the stand while the other is
adjustable. The latter rod holds the LED strip lights and you can
easily rotate it from the upright position up to an obtuse angle.

I really love the sleek design of the Mi lamp, it has an all-white
exterior with only a short orange cord between the 2 rods. You can place
the lamp on your desk and it will fit perfectly to any modern

The stand has a small footprint and there is only one knob there. You
can press on the knob to turn on/off the lamp, rotate it to adjust
brightness, press and rotate to change color temperature, and double
click to turn on focus mode.

The Mi lamp has 4 lighting modes, which are focus mode, read mode,
kid mode, and computer mode. In focus mode, the lamp will keep changing
brightness for a few seconds to remind you to take a rest after a period
of time. This will be very helpful if you are following a time
management method like Pomodoro technique, it could help improve mental
agility and reduce eye fatigue. The read mode will set the brightness at
maximum and a neutral color temperature at 4000K while the kid mode is a
little warmer to avoid damaging eyesight of your babies. Lastly, the
computer mode has the warmest color temperature at 2700K, it is expected
to reduce blue light coming from computer screens and help you sleep
better. You will need to install the Xiaomi’s home app to switch between
the modes, the app is available on iOS and Android. The problem is that
the lamp couldn’t connect to my network and I couldn’t use the app at

Update: I successfully connect the lamp to my
smartphone after resetting it. You just need to press the reset button
in the hole on the bottom for a few seconds until the lamp lights up.

The Mi Home and Yeelight apps are quite useless, fortunately, IFTTT started supporting Yeelight products. Moreover, Yeelight lighting products are supported natively by Google Assistant. That means we can do a lot of things with the lamp. For instance, I can use Google Home / Assistant to control the lamp with my voice. To see how to set up and make voice commands, check out this video.

According to Xiaomi, the Mi lamp can produce up to 300 lumens of brightness, I find it bright enough for reading books comfortably. The light is so consistent and not flickering at all. However, the lamp is not as bright as my other lamps such as the OxyLED X7.

Another advantage is that I almost don’t feel the heat on the light
bar, it is still very cool after being turned on for an hour. Xiaomi has
done a great job to disperse the heat, this will absolutely help extend
the lifetime of the lamp.

In a nutshell, this is the most beautiful desk lamp I’ve ever used.
You might end up buying this just because of the design. The companion
apps are not really useful but you totally can ignore them and use
Google Home to make voice commands instead. Then, you will have a total
control of the lamp.

Xiaomi Mijia MJTD01YL Smart LED Desk Lamp



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