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HUAWEI Band 4 Pro Hands-on Review: A Smart Band Helps You to Know Your Health Status Better

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro Hands-on Review: A Smart Band Helps You to Know Your Health Status Better

Among the tons of wearable devices, smart bands and smartwatches are the two most familiar smart products we usually meet. Compared with smartwatches, smart bands are generally smaller and lighter, and more comfortable to wear, which is more suitable for those who are passionate about sports.

Today, I would like to introduce a new smart bracelet launched by HUAWEI lately to you - HUAWEI Band 4 Pro. In terms of the product strategy, HUAWEI Band 4 Pro is mainly intended for young people and sports enthusiasts. 

While Band 4 Pro emphasizes the sports features, some new attempts have been made in appearance design as well. Let's take a look together!

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro: Design

There are three different color schemes with HUAWEI Band 4 Pro in total. In addition to the Amber Sunrise (Nova special edition) that we got, HUAWEI Band 4 Pro is also available in Sakura Pink and Graphite Black.

As for the overall appearance design, the frame of the HUAWEI Band 4 Pro is made of metal material and has been processed the wiredrawing at the same time, which looks more textured. 

Also, the Amber Sunrise is equipped with a red silicone strap, and the Nova logo is added to the strap, which is very comfortable to wear definitely.

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro: Features

Motion detection is one of the core features of a smart bracelet, so it is with HUAWEI Band 4 Pro. 

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro provides 11 sports modes, including outdoor and indoor running, outdoor and indoor walking, outdoor and indoor cycling, elliptical machine, rowing machine, swimming in the pool and open water, free training, and other modes.

When you're doing exercise, HUAWEI Band 4 Pro provides the data of real-time heart rate. 

Furthermore, HUAWEI and FirstBeat sports algorithm agency has made an agreement this time, so that this smart band can provide more reasonable exercise suggestions based on your physical and physiological information and relevant data during the exercise process.

It should be noted that the HUAWEI Band 4 Pro has a built-in independent GPS chip so that this smart fitness tracker can record your outdoor sports trajectory without the connection to a mobile phone. 

The better benefit is that you don't need to carry your smartphone during exercise, which is more convenient than that of most similar products.

The fitness monitoring feature has always been the highlight of the HUAWEI smart band, so as the HUAWEI Band 4 Pro. This time, Band 4 Pro uses the all-new technology of TruSeen 3.5 heart rate monitoring, and HUAWEI has collaborated with 301 Hospital. 

According to the official announcement, the accuracy has been further improved. What's more, this smart bracelet can achieve 24/7 heart rate monitoring. Combined with related algorithms, it can make judgments of premature beats and other health crises better.

Through HUAWEI Band 4 Pro, we also discover a new feature called blood oxygen saturation measurement (SpO2), which enables you to track it anytime and anywhere. 

Blood oxygen saturation is not only an index of the ability of blood to carry oxygen, but also an important physiological parameter of respiration and circulation. If the blood oxygen saturation is lower than the normal standard (hypoxia), or if the hypoxia is severe, the cardiac arrest may occur in the worst case.

What's more, the sleep detection feature is also retained. The HUAWEI Band 4 Pro is equipped with HUAWEI TruSleep sleep detection technology, which can judge your sleep status and can recognize 6 sleep problems, such as the difficulty of falling asleep, light sleep, waking up at night and more. 

Besides, this smart bracelet will provide relevant suggestions and solutions for various sleep problems to help you improve sleep quality.

This function is useful for many busy office workers. Since many people often stay up late, it's easy for them to attribute the symptoms of lacking energy, dizziness, or rapid heartbeat to insufficient sleep. 

And the factor of blood oxygen saturation will always be ignored. With Huawei Band 4 Pro, this problem can be easily prevented.

Apart from fitness tracking and health monitoring, HUAWEI Band 4 Pro also supports the NFC feature (limited to Chinese version), such as access cards, transit cards, and Alipay. Moreover, you can also use it as a remote controller for the phone camera to take selfies more conveniently.

In other aspects, HUAWEI Band 4 Pro comes with a 0.95inch AMOLED color touch screen with a resolution of 240x120 and a weight of 24g. And it can last 12 days in actual use. 

However, due to different usage habits have a more significant impact on the actual range, the 12 days battery life is just for reference only, and the actual battery life is related to the actual use.

The Verdict

In general, the merits of the HUAWEI Band 4 Pro are the good appearance design and capabilities of strong sports and fitness monitoring. This excellent smart band can provide not only relevant data but also corresponding suggestions and solutions, which is very fantastic and attractive to users.

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro was officially released on December 12, and priced at 399 RMB. Those who want to purchase a smart bracelet soon can consider it.

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