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Is Temperature Inversely Proportional To IQ? Some Are Using These Insensible Ways To Avoid Summer Heat!

Is Temperature Inversely Proportional To IQ? Some Are Using These Insensible Ways To Avoid Summer Heat!

This summer, it is scorching, as if you were in a large steamer. In some places, the temperature raises to a new high in history, over 40 degrees. 

Some complain that "By 8 a.m., it's steaming hot. I'm sweating a lot, and it's getting in my eyes." In a word, "Heat, man. It makes me lisping and tired."

I once said that I would rather die of heat rather than coldness. Now, I know that I was too naive then.

I thought, "summertime is always the best of what might be," as one could stay indoors to enjoy the air-conditioning, WiFi, watermelon. 

At sunset, I could lie down on a sofa; or lie on the beach to enjoy the sunshine and sea wind as "SUN'S OUT, BUNS OUT"; at dusk, I could jump into the sea to take a bath or surf. 

However, in reality, I feel braised lying in bed; stir-fried when staying outdoors; boiled when swimming; pan-fried on the way back; twice booked when back home - a chunk of fat meat wherever I am.  

How can we cool the summer heat off?

4 ways in which common people use to beat the summer heat:

▼ Air conditioning

The simplest and easiest way to deal with the hot weather is to turn on the air conditioner. We all consider air conditioning as the "savior" in summer. I can't agree more. 

Anyway, the air conditioner brings me back to life. In the hot summer, I can't live in a room without air conditioning. 

Do you dare go out of the room to challenge the sun?

I advise that you to dismiss the idea, as you can't live twice. 

▼ Fan 

In summer, an air conditioner is the most critical survival tool, and the second important one must be the fan. 

A fan is also necessary as I am afraid of the heat. However, I will not let it fight with the summer heat alone. It needs to be backed by air conditioning.

As you know, an air-conditioner is to lower the temperature. A fan is for ventilation. Using both of them, you can cool off better.

▼ Watermelon

In summer, watermelon is undoubtedly the most popular fruit, especially the frozen watermelon. 

The moment you have a mouthful, your heat resistance is improved. Hot? Not at all!

▼ Bath 

How can you survive the heatwave in case of a power outage when you can't use the air-conditioner, fan, and the watermelon is sold out? 

There is a way out! Perhaps, taking a bath is the best way to escape from the summer heat. Open the showerhead, let running water flow down to the skin, and you can enjoy the coolness. What? Do you still feel hot after a bath? Take once more!

The above are my solutions to the heat. I thought that they were good enough, however, in comparison, other talents' solutions dwarf mine. 

7 insensible ways to beat the heat

▼ Fan Plus

If using the fan is not cold enough, let's improve it. 

A man found several bottles of icy water and hang them from the behind of the fan. 

In an instant, the wind became cooler. What about calling it the "Fan Plus"?    

▼ Bathing in a river 

You don't need too many things, bring a piece of watermelon peel, or find one left by someone else at first. Then, find a river, take off your clothes, and jump into it. Finally, use the omnipotent watermelon peel to protect you from the sun.

Honestly, I've tried this way before when I was a child. The coolness was fascinating. Come on. It is worth trying!

▼ A refreshing coat made of watermelon peel

No matter how light and thin a piece of clothing is, it will store a little heat, which affects cooling. 

In this regard, a resourceful man came up with the idea of using the refreshing watermelon. He made a cool "watermelon coat" out of the watermelon peel. However, it is a pity that the coat is too small for an adult.

▼ A gathering for chilling down on the ice

Since you can keep warm by the fire, theoretically, it is possible to be cooler by staying beside an ice cube. 

How marvelous the idea is! A group of people cools themselves by using a big ice cube. Well, did your hands get frozen? 

▼ Bathing in the icy water 

It's too troublesome to take a shower for cooling. Isn't there any other way? Sure, there is! 

Recently, someone bought a large basin, filled it with icy water, and sat down. How refreshing it was!

▼ Cooling on a bus

Don't think that staying on the subway to enjoy the coolness is the ultimate trick. 

Look at the guy on the bus (it's not suggested to do that). Perhaps, it will dawn on you that it's not astonishing to avoid heat on the subway.

▼ Getting inside a fridge

The heat is intolerable. A man directly got into a fridge to enjoy the coolness. 

It seems that the way is so good. He'd be an ice sculpture soon. LOL.

After knowing these extraordinary ways to avoid the summer heat, I feel so upset. Thus, I'd offer you a super-practical way : 

First, examine yourself in a mirror, and your heart will be 50% cooler!

Second, think about their income, and your heart is frozen! 

Third, think about your age, and there will be gusts of wind from the back! 

After testing it by myself, indeed, I feel much colder.  

Just on a whim, I checked the balance of my bank account. After checking, I silently covered myself with a quilt and plugged in the electric blanket!

(In reality, I took a look at the new mini air conditioner and thought it was the right one. After all, the funny way to cool down is to add fun to our lives, though it is not a permanent solution. For outdoors, I will recommend this neckband fan to you). 

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