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Compared with Waterpik and Philips, Alfawise Water Flosser With The Strong Cleaning Power and Small Size is More Worth Buying.

Compared with Waterpik and Philips, Alfawise Water Flosser With The Strong Cleaning Power and Small Size is More Worth Buying.

1. What is an oral irrigator?

The oral irrigator, also known as water floss, can use a high-pressure water column to clean teeth, alveoli and other positions in the mouth that can not be touched by toothbrushes.

Therefore, the oral irrigator can effectively clean the plaque and food residue between the teeth and the gums.

Most oral irrigator has multiple modes and water pressure settings. All you have to do is press the button to adjust it.

Some oral irrigator comes with a variety of sprinklers and even pulsating water pressure to make the mouth more comfortable.  

2. Is it necessary to buy an oral irrigator?

Of course.

Brushing only cleans about 65% of dental plaque, and the remaining 35% is hidden in adjacent surfaces (gaps), part of the gingival margin, and corners caused by misaligned teeth, which can slowly lead to dental caries and periodontal disease.

Here are three advantages of oral irrigators:

① Simple to use

The method of using oral irrigators is not as complicated as ordinary dental floss. And you don't have to worry about it hurting your gums.

Once you learn how to use it correctly, you may even become addicted to it.

After all, there is a great sense of accomplishment to see food scraps washed out of the teeth gap. 

② Prevention of oral diseases such as dental stones

The oral irrigator can not remove the dental calculi, but it can be used as a preventive measure.

In the early days, dental calculi were just milky soft dirt. At this time, you carefully clean your mouth by brushing your teeth and using an oral irrigator. Dental calculus can be removed before calcification.  

③ The best choice for someone who is being orthodontic

If you are being orthodontics, ordinary dental floss is undoubtedly very difficult to use.  The oral irrigator will save them!

3. Shopping guide for an oral irrigator

According to the principle, oral irrigator can be divided into three types:  

① High-pressure pulsed water flow

By pressurizing the water, after letting the water pass through the sprinkler, flush the mouth with a pulse.

② Oxygen injection

Compared with the nozzle of the pulse water flow, the nozzle of the ultrasonic water flow is narrower. 

When the water flow passes through, it will produce bubbles and form an ultrasonic water flow, thus reducing the water pressure.

③ Micro-explosion airflow

This is the technology used by Philips portable oral irrigator.

Compared with the pulse water flow, the principle of the micro-explosion airflow technology is similar to the high-pressure air gun. 

First, the food residue in the teeth is blown out by the jet technology, and then the residue is washed away by the water flow.

This cleaning method makes the mouth more comfortable, but the spray force is not enough.  

According to the amount of water stored, oral irrigator can also be divided into two types:

① Table oral irrigator   

The water tank is so large that you only need to add water once to meet the need for cleaning.

But the disadvantage is that it is not convenient to carry, takes up a lot of space and needs sockets.  

② Portable oral irrigator 

The portable oral irrigator is divided into water tank type and non-water tank type.

The portable oral irrigator takes care of both home and travel, but it has less function, less gear, small water tank, and the advantage is that it is small and does not take up space.  

Which brand should you buy?  

① Waterpik

Waterpik invented the world's first oral irrigator. High voltage pulse technology, the mainstream cleaning technology in the field of oral cleaning, was pioneered by Waterpik.  

At present, most of the oral irrigator of 

Waterpik brand can reach the waterproof level of IPX7 and are guaranteed in safety.

But the accessories of 

Waterpik desktop oral irrigator is often damaged and needs to be repaired.

In addition, the Waterpik oral irrigator is expensive and not everyone can afford it. 

② Panasonic

Panasonic oral irrigator generally uses live oxygen injection technology.

It can gently rinse the gums, periodontal pockets, and massage and care the gums, but the disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is inferior to that Waterpik oral irrigator with a high-pressure pulse water flow.

③ Philips

Philips oral irrigator uses micro-explosive airflow technology, so the most important feature of the Philips oral irrigator is that the water tank is small and the portability is very good.

However, according to the feedback from buyers, the experience of Philips oral flushing machine is relatively poor.  


4. Alfawise WF-330E Portable Handheld Oral Irrigator

As we all know, Alfawise is a famous brand with a performance-to-price ratio.  

Not long ago, they released this Alfawise WF-330E Portable Handheld Oral Irrigator.  It's only $44.99!!! 

So, what about its quality, function, and 

specifications? Let's read on.  


① Strong Cleaning Power

The Alfawise oral irrigator uses a high-frequency pulse power of 2000 beats per minute and is capable of ejecting ultra-fine water flow with a diameter of only 0.67mm.

What does that mean?

It can clean up the bacteria and food residues in the most hidden parts of the mouth.  

In addition, Alfawise invited 217 customers to evaluate comfort.

Finally, Alfawise debugged the water pressure that is suitable for most people.  

② Four models to meet your different needs

Alfawise oral irrigator has four different modes.

Soft mode: the water pressure is relatively small, the scouring strength is small, it is suitable for people who use the tooth washing machine for the first time or those who are sensitive to teeth.  

Normal mode: moderate water pressure and moderate scouring strength. It can clean the bacteria and food residue in the teeth without making your mouth feel uncomfortable.  

Pulse mode: the water is ejected intermittently. This model can save water and make it a lot more fun when you clean your mouth.  

DIY mode: freely adjust the water pressures to find the comfortable one for you, with presetting mode memory function to meet various oral care needs.

③ Low Noise

A survey shows that people attach great importance to the noise of 

oral irrigator.  

The oral irrigator's noise at work is 70dB, which presents a relatively quiet working environment and will not disturb the rest, work time.

This means that at no time will it wake up your poor sleep partner or baby who has just fallen asleep.  

④ 60 seconds cleaning time.

You know, the cleaning time of most oral irrigators can only last 30-50 seconds.

Alfawise WF-330E compared with them, the 190ml water tank can be used for 60 seconds to meet the amount of cleaning at one time, and there is no need to add water repeatedly during use.

This will undoubtedly win the favor of most customers.

Other Highlights

IPX7 Waterproof

The IPX7 waterproof design prevents leakage and allows the dental flosser to be used safely for shower in the bathroom.

2 Mins Timed Shutdown

After the machine is turned on for 2 minutes, the oral irrigator will automatically stop working to avoid the dry burning damage due to forgetting to turn off the machine.

Compact and Portable

Ideal for business trip and travel, carry it anywhere and anytime. Ergonomic handle ensures you to grip the snugly and conveniently.

Use Method:

1. Choose the jet tip, insert it into the lock at the top of water flosser.

2. Simply fill the water tank with water, press the on/off switch and choose the correct mode.

3. Point the tip at your gum line and start to floss.

4. Fill with warm water for sensitive teeth or add mouthwash.

DIY Mode Setting Method:

(Set the water pressure intensity when connected to a charger)

1. Long press the button to enter the setting, the mode light flashes.

2. Press the button shortly to select the intensity level and distinguish by the color of the light (red indicates the strongest, yellow indicates the second strongest, blue indicates weak, and white indicates the weakest).

3. Long press after selecting, the light changes from flashing to steady on, the setting is successful. After unplugging the charger and turning it on again, it will work at the set intensity level.

4. If no operation is performed within 5s after selection, it will automatically exit the setting and maintain the original setting.


Just like I said before.

Everyone who cares about dental health should have an oral irrigator.

If you don't have a big budget, then the powerful, low-cost Alfawise oral irrigator will be your best choice!  

Alfawise WF-330E Portable Handheld Oral Irrigator Water Flosser Cordless Dental 4 Cleaning Modes IPX7 Waterproof Rechargeable for Home Travel



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