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Thanks to Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum, Which Liberates Me from the Housework

Thanks to Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum, Which Liberates Me from the Housework

I have a one-year-old child who likes playing around in the house. I am hard-working and love to keep everything clean. Cleaning twice a day is my routine, however, I still worry that my little boy might touch something dirty and eat it when he is unattended, so that's why I want to keep the floor clean.

At first, I didn't believe in robot vacuum cleaners before because I thought it didn't work. At the end of last year, a house was to be built next door. As a result, a lot of dust came in and I had to the floor frequently, which made me upset.

At the beginning of this year, my husband bought a "Roborock" S50 robot vacuum. He said that this vacuum cleaner would solve my problem. "Why not have a try?" I asked myself, so I started using it. Then, I completely changed my mind. 


Other robot vacuums are black, red or yellow, but the Roborock S50 is white. 

This is good for me because I suffer from mysophobia. The robot vacuum looks simple and clean. Its white panel only has decorative silver-gray metal paint. 

The LOGO and button are both with extremely thin lines, which makes the product look delicate without any redundancy.

Cleaning ability

Since I didn't believe in the robot vacuum, I did a simple experiment to test its cleaning ability. 

I sprinkled a lot of cooked rice on the floor and added some radishes and vegetables that I had just prepared at noon. To increase the difficulty, I also stamped on the rice, and it turned out that the "Roborock" robot vacuum did not disappoint me. 

After 10 minutes of cleaning, the sticky rice, radish, and vegetables were all swept away. 

As far as I know, the dish was greasy, so even after sweeping the ground, I could still find traces of oil. 

It was amazing at first glance, and the whole floor was actually much cleaner than I expected. I thought that the dustbin would become dirty, but it wasn't. 

In addition, the rubber brush was hardly stained, and a little rice stained the mop, and most of them directly went into the dustbin.

Automatic cleaning function

My home is big, so cleaning the entire house is time-consuming. 

In the beginning, it took about 100 minutes for the robot to sweep the floor. However, it took less and less time to clean the same area. 

One week later, the time reduced by 15 minutes, which meant that only 85 minutes was needed.

The workflow of the "Roborock" robot is as follows:

Firstly, it looks around, detecting obstacles; secondly, it moves counterclockwise along the cleaning area, thirdly, the robot vacuum goes back and starts cleaning.

 In case it hits the table legs or other obstacles, it will turn around. The robot will obviously slow down when it is about to encounter an obstacle, and then, it will slowly touch the obstacle. If the thing can be cleared away, the vacuum cleaner will continue to work. 

If it can't, it will go around it by changing its direction. 

When cleaning along the wall, the vacuum cleaner always keeps at 1cm away to avoid crashing into the wall and furniture. 

Whenever there is an obstacle ahead, it will decelerate in advance, gently test it and return after the contact of the buffer plate in front of the fuselage. 

For the curtains, which are soft objects that hang down to the floor, Roborock S50 deals with it meticulously. 

If it detects that obstacle in the front on which it can move forward, it will gently continue its way. Although this requires a little more time, it is to make sure that no curtains will be rolled in.

Summing up

After a variety of tests, I am sure that "Roborock" robot vacuum works well. It is available on Gearbest at the price of $399.99, obviously not very expensive at all. 

The vacuum cleaner is helpful for women who work laboriously and love to keep things clean. I really recommend this robot vacuum!

roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi youpin



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