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Xiaomi doesn't just produce smartphones, discover some of their other products

Xiaomi doesn't just produce smartphones, discover some of their other products

Most people think that the Xiaomi brand, produces only smartphones. That's not true, Xiaomi produces many different products but is more popular with smartphone production.

On the occasion of her 10th birthday, which is on August 11, I decided to introduce to you a small part of some Xiaomi branded products, of course this list is short and can not include various products so if you want to expand on knowing about Xiaomi products I advise you to look at Gearbest and you will be surprised by the products you will see.

In my list, I have chosen products that I believe will be useful and will help you and provide you with value for your daily life

Router Wi-Fi:

Don't tell me you don't have a slow internet! We all have this problem but to varying degrees, well, the problem may be the Wi-Fi router you're using, it may not be distributing Wi-Fi well so you may feel that your Internet connection may be weak and this connection may stop if you stay too far away from where the Wi-Fi distributor which is the router

Xiaomi has this wonderful router that has four antennes and this makes him distribute the Internet excellently as it supports 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz band, inevitably after using it you will notice an improvement in the speed of your internet

I would like to give you a professional advice, which is that using wireless Bluetooth headphones at the same time when you using Wi-Fi will cause Bluetooth headphones signals to interfere with Wi-Fi. Why? Because most Wi-Fi hotspots run at a 2.4 Ghz frequency, the same frequency as most wireless headphones currently on the market, so interference occurs and has a significant impact on internet speed. What's the solution? By using Xiaomi router you can access the settings and make it work at 5Ghz frequency, this way you will avoid interference and you will notice the difference of course most old routers doesn't support 5Ghz.

Xiaomi 4A 2.4GHz + 5GHz WiFi Dual-band AC 1200M Smart Router



Smart doorbell:

When someone knocks on the door, I'm worried because I don't know who knocked, whether it's a family member, the police or a thief who wants to rob me, and sometimes someone knocks on the door, but when I come to open it, I don't find anyone. It's bad, but I don't care. That's how the kids are, they're naughty, but it's okay to let them enjoy their childhood at the expense of disturbing us ، they're knocking for nothing then run so in this way they're having fun

If you want to keep your door under your control, there is this smart bell that enables you to watch the person knocking on the door through the integrated camera, you will get a notification to your phone as this bell is able to record a video of the person knocking on the door and can recognize faces from a distance of only 3 meters and supports night vision in addition to all this, you can exchange conversation with the person who is knocking on the door

Xiaomi AI Face Identification 720P IR Night Vision Video Doorbell Set



Electric toothbrush:

The lack of brushing of teeth causes decay and holes in the teeth, the foods accumulate with those holes every time you eat food and stay there until they smell bad so if you want to avoid this problem you should brush your teeth regularly every day.
Brushing teeth rids you of leftovers which are the main cause of decay and bad odors in the mouth, if you do not brush your teeth in a scientificway correctly you will face these problems so you have to pay attention to the way you brush your teeth

Traditional toothbrushes do not help to brush teeth properly so, there is an electric toothbrush from Xiaomi that emits effective frequencies to uproot foods attached to the teeth, it works intelligently and scientifically, will not harm your teeth because they are soft and do not press on the teeth, it works with vibration where it emits 31000 shake per minute, and has a large battery up to 700 mhA where it allows you to use the brush for 25 days and then you have to recharge it again

Xiaomi Mijia T300 Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush



 Electric Shaver:

I don't remember how many shavers I used, bought it and then used it once and threw it in the trash, plus I was never satisfied with it because it wasn't sharp enough to remove hair well.
Xiaomi has a shaver but it is electric and rechargeable and can be used whether the skin is dry or wet with water. It's has a super battery as it stays for 50 days.
It can be used for many purposes such as removing the beard, shaving pubic hair or hair that is spread in the hands and legs of girls. It can be washed after it's finished

MSN Electric Shaver Twin Blade Cordless Razor Hair Beard USB Rechargeable Shaving Machine Men Barber Trimmer from Xaiomi youpin



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