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The Most Almighty Baseus 7-in-1 Type-C HUB Docking Station Adapter Under $35 Has All You Need!

The Most Almighty Baseus 7-in-1 Type-C HUB Docking Station Adapter Under $35 Has All You Need!

Baseus is one of the most popular companies with a lot of great electronic products for all customers. This is a popular consumer electronic brand that is licensed under the Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology. This company focuses itself by integrating the research and development, production, deisgn,a nd sales. 

The main brand slogan from this company is “Base on User”. This brand always thinks from the perspective of users. Therefore, all products are designed with practical value and high aesthetic design. One of the most popular products from Baseus is the Baseus 7-in-1 Adapter.

Baseus 7-in-1 Adapter is a famous phone holder that you can place on your table easily. It has mini body and portable design, so you can carry on this unit at any time you want. This device can offer high speed transmission rate for supporting your daily needs. 

This docking station comes with some slots, including USB 3.0, USB 2.0, 4K HD display, TF card reader, camera card, and also PD charging slots. Its plug and play design allows you to get all benefits from this unit immediately. Before you buy this incredible unit, you need to look at all features and benefits from this product.

Features and Performance

a. 7 Port Expansion

This is the main feature that is offered by this unit. It is a good combination of a station, a phone holder, and a docking station. It contains up to 7 ports, including 3 USB ports, HDMI ports, Type C Charging ports, TF card slots and SD card slots. These ports allow you to have more possibilities of connecting a lot of devices at the same time.

You can connect other devices with this docking station, for example hard disk drive, keyboardgamepadmouse, card reader, USB flash drive, and any other units. 

b. Strong Holder Design

This is another reason why you may want to consider using this unit now. It allows you to have free hands convenient office experience when using this phone holder. You can put your device down on this unit, so you can enjoy the best experience with your phone. This device is compatible with any phone models and brands. 

This device also has flexible design, so you can adjust the position of your phone easily. You can do any other things while watching your phone on top of this holder. Although this holder is made from strong materials, this device still has portable design and light weight. Therfore, you can store and pack this unit anywhere and anytime you want.

c. Fast and Stable Connection

This phone holder is equipped with an independent chip, in order to ensure efficient operation. You will feel comfortable when using this unit. Its multiple main control chip can allow you to enjoy its fast and stable connection. Its fast data transfer rate is very convenient for all users.

 You can simply plug any cables to this unit, in order to enjoy its fast card reading without using a drive. There is no lagging problem that may occur after you use this incredible unit. Its data transfer speed can reach up to 5 Gbps, especially when you connect this unit with USB 3.0.

d. Endless Power Supply

You can recharge this phone holder easily. This device has endless power supply that comes with 15 watt high power. It means that you will never have to worry about getting power outage, especially after using this device. It is very easy for you to connect this device with the electric source by using its Type-C power jack. You can use this unit for a long time without having any significant problems.

If you want to buy the best phone holder with complete features, you can take a look at the Baseus 7-in-1 HUB Docking Station. This adapter has up to 7 slots that are suitable for any devices. You can connect this unit with other devices quickly and easily. 

This product is offered at a very affordable price. Its price is less than $35 during this Super Deals period. You can get up to 7% discount from its normal price at $37.71. You only need to pay about $34.99 to start using this powerful unit. This product is covered by its warranty, so you can use this unit without having to worry about its quality. 

Baseus 7 in 1 Type-C HUB Docking Station Adapter with USB 3.0+2.0 & PD Charging & 4K HD Display & TF Card Reader & Camera Card Reader Slot



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