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OnePlus 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy A70: Which Smartphone Should be Your First Choice?

OnePlus 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy A70: Which Smartphone Should be Your First Choice?

Here I am going to compare OnePlus 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy A70 smartphone. These mobile phones are equated based on their technical specifications, specs, and other features. 

Differences between OnePlus 7 and Galaxy A70:

· Screen

I love phones with a big screen. The OnePlus 7 has a bigger display of 6.41 inches, whereas the Galaxy A70 has a 6.7 inches screen. Therefore, OnePlus 7 has a 5.0% larger screen in comparison to Galaxy A70. Now, this is true that I always prefer a bigger screen, especially when I am web surfing or streaming any video.

· Longer battery life

OnePlus 7 has a battery of 3700 mAh, whereas, Samsung Galaxy A70 has a battery of 4500 mAh. Here, Samsung has about 22% of bigger battery capacity than OnePlus, which can last for a day even with vigorous usage, at least with my experience.

· Performance

OnePlus 7 is internally boosted with Snapdragon 855, whereas Samsung Galaxy A70 is boosted with Snapdragon 675. Now, this makes it evident that Snapdragon 855 makes the device faster and gives a buttery smooth experience. 

· Rear Camera

Samsung A70 has three cameras of 32MP, 8MP, and 5MP cameras that give you a magical experience. Whereas OnePlus 7 has two powerful cameras of 48 MP and 5 MP, which are even more powerful than Samsung. OnePlus has an exceptionally high-quality camera feature that has some additional features too.

· Front Camera

OnePlus 7 has a 16 MP front camera, whereas Samsung Galaxy A70 has a 32 MP front camera that gives the best picture quality. 

Similarities between OnePlus 7 and Galaxy A70:

· NFC support

Both OnePlus 7 and Samsung Galaxy A70 have an NFC (Near Field Communication) feature, which helps two NFC enabled devices that are close to each other to exchange data between them.

· Fingerprint Sensor

Both the OnePlus 7 and Samsung Galaxy A70 have a fingerprint biometric sensor that I love when it comes to phone’s privacy. The fingerprint sensor ensures the security of my phone, my gallery, and other important files.

· Rapid Charging

I truly love the fast charging functionality in every smartphone these days, which is available in both these devices- OnePlus 7 and Samsung Galaxy A70. The fast charging functionality helps me charge up my phone quickly, which can be very helpful when in a hurry.

· VoLTE enabled

Samsung Galaxy A70 and OnePlus 7 have VoLTE enabled the feature that allows voice services that are being delivered as data flow within the LTE data bearer. 

· GPS enabled

Every phone has a GPS (Global Positioning System), and this is used for determining the current position of the device, which usually helps us in getting directions. Now, both OnePlus 7 and Samsung Galaxy A70 are GPS enabled devices.

· FM Radio

Well, FM radio is my favorite feature that I look for any device. Thankfully, both OnePlus 7 and Samsung Galaxy A70 have FM radio, which can let me enjoy unlimited music.


Keeping all the similarities and dissimilarities in mind, I must say that OnePlus 7 is truly one of the best and the most impressive phone that I have ever seen. It gives a tremendous performance at an attractive price. 

I am so sure OnePlus 7 is the most robust phone with the fastest processor, reliable camera, and excellent battery life. It is undoubtedly a truly balanced phone that is worth its price and offers real value. 

Now, what I expect is, there can be two questions in your mind: which one is better- OnePlus 7 or Samsung Galaxy? And is it worth the price?

Now, if you want to relish the best premium mobile phone, then I will suggest OnePlus is it for sure in terms of performance, processor, camera, design, everything. 

And yes, it is worth buying as you will be experiencing the best processor and super upgraded camera. I have been using this phone for about a few weeks and had the best user experience with a 42% faster CPU than any other phone that is currently available in the market. 

Therefore, OnePlus 7 is one of the most impressive phones that I have ever seen and has been launched in 2019. Go for it, and you will not be disappointed!

OnePlus 7 6.41 inch 4G Phablet 8GB RAM 256GB ROM International Version



SAMSUNG Galaxy A70 4G Phablet 8GB RAM 128GB ROM



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