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How Ridiculous Is Russian Takeaway Service?

How Ridiculous Is Russian Takeaway Service?

Who on earth 

Worries whether you eat in time or not

Except for Mom

And takeaways

In China

Takeaway is respected

They spare no effort

By rushing all the way

Even cooking themselves

All for satisfying your appetite timely


Stepmothers are not as selfless

Deliverymen of Russian takeaways

Treat you like stepmothers 

Believe it or not

Fast as rocket are deliverymen of Chinese takeaways

Slow as snail deliverymen of Russian takeaways

Slowly budge along the Volga River

Too calm too cool

As scientific research shows

Starvation comes in seven days

Clearly, they know it by heart

So they never stride fast

Russia is so cold

Oh, gosh! Every man is clear

As they want grace, temperature

Speed? Who cares!

There are many great poets in Russia

Cause these deliverymen strolling on the streets

Are all poets in nature

Staring at quaint patterns on buildings

Adds a shower of poetic sparks to their minds

Occasionally, they are in search of a shade

To relax themselves

And take a break

As night falls, the stars appear

A lot of inspiration comes to them

A poet is always sentimental

Sometimes, they seek a warm shelter

You would like to ask

Why don't they ride a motorbike?

One will definitely drink vodka

And make a poem as a reply

In fact

As the customer isn't god

They choose other ways to deliver goods




Some deliverymen

Will also pay for the delivery

By subway

Or by bus

After all, paying for the delivery makes no sense

Inspired by Indians thousands of miles away

They resort to a better way

Hanging from the automobile

Seeing hard how they work 

Customers are sure to be moved

After all, in Russia

Few people who work as hard as them

Regardless of diligence

For them, the job is not everything

Living each day as the last is of importance

Hang out

To feed pigeons

Also to enjoy life

At the sight of street singers

They stop and listen to a song

As if to cleanse the soul

After savoring a musical feast

They might come up and sing themselves

Sometimes, they go to the beach to boost mood

Above the vast sea, a gust of wind is blowing

Between the dark clouds and the sea

It seems as if someone requests desperately

"Bro, could you mind your pace?

The food is getting cold!”

Urgent? Excuse me?!!

Not understood by customers

They often feel upset as well

They need to confide

After all, counterparts are foes indeed

Sometimes, it is no use crying over spilled milk

Disagreement is doomed to a grudge

Although struggling for a whole day

They fail to deliver any order

But, they make 3 poems, have 2 meals

Solve 4 philosophical questions

And make a girlfriend on the way

Happy, they become plumper


Ordering at 17, you'll receive it at 18

Anyway, you've got to understand him

Look at this old lady

Who has been waiting from aged 20 to 70

Finally, I can't help looking for the deliveryman

After I find him, gone is anger with the wind

Now, you've read so far

I believe you've understood a fact

Nothing is colder than ex-girlfriends' hearts

If there is,

It must be,

Russian takeaway!

There shouldn't be such a slow speed in the world

Unfortunately, there is!

The reason must be

Russian takeaway companies

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