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Elephone PX vs. Elephone A6 MAX: What's the Difference Between These Two Mobiles at the Same Price?

Elephone PX vs. Elephone A6 MAX: What's the Difference Between These Two Mobiles at the Same Price?

Founded in 2006, Elephone Mobile is a Chinese high-tech company. The main goal of a company is to provide perfect smartphones to everyone globally at affordable prices. Its primary objective is to engage in research and development, production, marketing, and service of smartphones.

Its mission is to quest for the ultimate perfection keeping the quality first and prevising customer-friendly products. Therefore their focus is on developing elegant designs with premium quality and superior performance.

Elephone mobiles gain domestic and international attention by the launch of its Elephone P3000S, Elephone P6000, Elephone P7000, and the list goes on. With its unique operating pattern, Elephone successfully built its brand and is now operating in countries outside of china like Europe and Southeast Asia.

Here we are going to shed light on the features and specifications of Elephone two mobiles; Elephone PX and Elephone A6 MAX, both of which are similar in price.

Elephone PX vs. Elephone A6 MAX Comparison

Although both Elephone PX and Elephone A6 MAX come from the same mobile phone brand Elephone still both are unique in their way. And offers an entirely different experience to their users.

The best way to understand their similarities and differences is thorough comparison between the Elephone PX and Elephone A6 MAX. Therefore let’s have a brief look at the two.

Firstly have a look at the Elephone PX.

Elephone PX specs, features, performance, price

· Specifications

Elephone PX is a 4G Phablet with a dual SIM card. It is the perfect choice for all those who want to have a smartphone with a good screen and have the ability to display images with clarity.  Released in 2018, it has a bar type design with IPS display type. It comes in crystal cream, black, and lilac purple colors.

With its 9.0 android pie operating system, octa-core CPU, and PowerVR GE8320 GPU, it successfully distinguishes itself from other mobile phones. It includes all the basic features of a Phablet.

Its other specifications include a fingerprint sensor at the back, a V4.2 Bluetooth version with a Google play store, and a fingerprint sensor.

· Features

For ultimate exciting gaming and android phone experience, Elephone PX boasts several excellent features.  It comes with a 6.53 FHD plus full screen having a screen to body ratio of 93.1 percent. It excels in proving an outstanding visual experience. Besides its wonderful experience, it is easy to hold due to the presence of the front and back glass screen.  

It makes all its users expert photographers by boasting its upgraded camera that makes every picture outclass.  Its main camera comes in 16MP, which turns your every photo into a super photo through its super-resolution and stunning colors.

And finally, it comes with a rear fingerprint to make your phones safer and quicker to unlock.

· Performance

The presence of Octa-core CPU, 64 GB ROM storage, and 4 GB RAM enables the Elephone PX to offer outstanding performance, allowing its users to enjoy the incredible gaming experience. Its ROM storage can be extended up to 256 GB for an excellent experience.  

4 GB large memory in the presence of MKT new generation robust 16nm process offers a much faster experience for gaming. No need to worry that its battery might die when your game is at its climax. Because Elephone provide 3300 mAh battery to make sure that your games never stop just because of a battery.

It comes with the 9.0 Android OS to provide an enhanced, safer, and faster experience.  

· Price

Its current price in the market is $133.99. It is also available online on its official site as well as on other authentic sites.  

Elephone A6 MAX specs, features, performance, price

The main features of Elephone A6 MAXare:

· Specifications

Elephone A6 MAX is the latest installment of the Elephone mobiles released in July 2019. Like Elephone PX, it is also a Phablet offering all the basic features of a Phablet. Elephone A6 MAX is the visual representation of the slogan "see the bigger world on a bigger screen." It is powered by MediaTek Helio P22 (MT6762) processor.

It is available in three different colors; Black, Blue, and Lilac, and to keep it lightweight, its body is made out of plastic. It comes with a resolution of 720 x 1560 pixels and a dual-LED flash. It supports dual SIM.

 It has 64 GB ROM, 4 GB RAM, and a battery life of 3950 mAh Li-Polymer. Its additional features include capacitive and Multi-touch.

· Features

Although it is similar in price with the Elephone PX, still Elephone A6 MAX has several distinguishing features. It has an Android 9.0 Pie operating system with its 6.53-inch display screen. Its screen has a waterdrop design with a 90.3 screen-to-body ratio. Which gives an ultimate outstanding experience in gaming or watching a movie.  

It has a 20.0 MP rear camera, which helps to capture the moment wonderfully. Its dual rear camera makes the photo a super-photo. While its front camera also comes in 20.0 MP to offer excellent portrait mode. It has an octa-core dual processor with a IMG GE8320 GPU.

Additionally, it comes with an NFC to make payments effortlessly. Besides, it has wireless charging. NFC payment and wireless charging are its truly distinguishing features from Elephone PX.  

· Performance

To provide high performance, it uses the octa-core processor, which gives large storage and provide smoothness in operations. Its outstanding experience is further supported by its android 9.0 Helio P22 operating system making it smarter, faster, and stronger like never before.

For enhanced protection and security apart from fingerprint lock, it also comes with a face ID that can unlock your phone with bare notice.

· Price 

Its current price in the market is $133.99. It is also available online on its official site as well as on other authentic sites.  

Here is a comparison table between the two to let you be the judge of your own. And find which one is better or excel the other.


Elephone PX

Elephone A6 MAX

Release Date

Nov 2018

July 2019


6.53 inch

6.53 inch


3300 mAh, Li-Polymer

3950 mAh, Li-Polymer


 4x 2.0 GHz ARM Cortex-A53, 4x 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53, Cores: 8


Helio P22 Octa-Core


PowerVR GE8320

IMG GE8320


4 GB

4 GB


64 GB

64 GB


Dual SIM

Dual SIM

Operating System

Android 9.0 Pie, MT6763 SoC

Android 9.0 Helio P22 SoC


Two rear and one front camera

Two rear  and one front camera





Accelerometer, compass, fingerprint, light, proximity

Accelerometer, compass, fingerprint, gyroscope, light, proximity




Wireless Charging




Although both are mobile of Elephone and have almost similar features like CPU, GPU, RAM, and ROM. However, still, there are few differences that exist, like the presence of NFC to make payments more manageable in Elephone A6 MAX or wireless charging in it, which is absent in the Elephone PX

Besides, Elephone A6 MAX also comes with enhanced sensors like the presence of face ID. Whereas Elephone PX comes with a pop-up camera which is not available in Elephone A6 MAX. 

Hence, it is safe to say that at a similar price, A6 MAX provides more significant features and is, therefore, a preferable one when compared with the Elephone PX.  

Elephone PX 4G Phablet 6.53 inch Android 9.0 MT6763 Octa Core 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 2 Rear Camera 3300mAh Battery Global Version



Elephone A6 MAX 4G Phablet 6.53 inch



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