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Huawei Honor Band 5i In-depth Review: What's Different with Fitness Tracker That Supports USB Direct Charging?

Huawei Honor Band 5i In-depth Review: What's Different with Fitness Tracker That Supports USB Direct Charging?

Smart bracelet becomes the most popular electronic product, because of its affordable price and complete functions. It is suited for daily life and sports. However, with the advanced technology and excellent experience, Xiaomi and Huawei Honor smart bracelet are undoubtedly the top smart bands in the current bracelet market. 

After several generations upgraded, the Honor Band has enjoyed a good reputation for its quality. Among them, the new launched Huawei Honor Band 5i will catch our attention. Its innovative USB-direct-plug charging is the gospel in the smart bracelets.

Honor Band 5i with Revolutionary USB-direct-plug Charging

As we know, charging is always the biggest hassle of the smart bracelet. There are mainly 2 kinds of charging modes for the traditional smart bracelets, one is to charge via the USB cable, and another is magnetic-suction charging. That might be a waterproof sealing issue with the USB cable, and the magnetic suction position is not that secure. Moreover, they have the same disadvantage of needing an extra charging cable.

Innovative USB-direct-plug charging is an outstanding hardware design of Honor Band 5i. As it adopts the ultra-convenient and easy-to-remove design, it can replace the trap easily, while provides the preparation of the USB-direct-plug charging.

Just remove the trap on the unbuttoned side, you can connect USB port to charge directly. Of course, it means that you can charge the Honor Band 5i with not just an adapter, but also a power bank, computers with USB port and even a center console of the car. 

Compared with other smart bands or fitness trackers like Xiaomi Mi Band 4 or Huawei Honor 5, which requires extra charging cable and AC socket when charging, Honor Band 5i brings a big convenience to us with its USB-direct charging.

In addition to the USB direct charging, Honor Band 5i is also featured with its appearance design. Honor Band 5i inherits the ergonomic design as its previous generations such as Honor Band 4, Honor Band 3 and Honor Band 2.

The overall design of the Huawei Honor Band 5i is simple and bright. It is available in blue, pink, and black. These vibrant colors are perfect for different young people, they also make the Honor Band 5i  a perfect outfit in sports and daily life.

In terms of details, Honor Band 5i uses pin-buckle wristband which is more convenient than the previous snap-up design and it prevents accidental shedding. Adopting the super-soft non-sensitive silicone strap, Honor Band 5i is skin-friendly to wear. 

The hollow-out strap design makes the Honor Band 4 breathable, you won't feel sweaty or sweltering even from long-time wearing. It's worth mentioning that the wristband and bracelet fits snugly so that you will be amazed at the comfy hand feel.

Honor Band 5i is equipped with a 0.96-inch touch screen, energy-saving as it, but it displays clearly even under the outdoor bright light. 

Surprisingly, Honor Band 5i can display 30 characters in one screen, which breaks the basic function definition of an auxiliary prompt tool. Thus, you can use the Honor Band 5i to achieve more operations while enjoying the smooth touch.

Most exciting is that Honor Band 5i supports numerous themes, except 3 kinds of the factory preset themes. There are more than 50 kinds of fashion themes for you to download and set your favorite wallpaper. Of course, it is for free. 

A variety of themes are not only catering the sports vision needs, but they are also suitable for many different scenes, such as work, business, learning. You can click and download your favorites to the smart band quickly, with that you might experience a quick switch to a different mood too.

Blood Oxygen Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor: Honor Band 5i is the Real-Time Fitness Monitoring and Tracker

As the Huawei Honor Band 5, blood oxygen detection is also one of the highlighted function of Honor Band 5i.

In medicine, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is the percentage for the combined capacity of blood oxygen and hemoglobin of the total hemoglobin, that is, the concentration of blood oxygen in the blood. It is an important physiological parameter of respiratory circulation and critical information to judge vital signs. Blood oxygen saturation measurement is a good way to reach health management in sport or daily life.

Through the deep optimization of hardware optical path and algorithm, multi-light source fusion, and using reflection and absorption rates of oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin are different for specific lights, Honor Band 5i processes signals and uses algorithms to calculate the pulse oxygen saturation levels. 

Normally, our blood oxygen saturation is between 95% and 98%, however, due to the high-intensity training and work, blood oxygen saturation will be reduced, when it less than 90%, headache dizziness, fatigue, and other symptoms will follow up. Honor Band 5i can judge fatigue quickly and exactly by blood oxygen value, thus it plays a positive role in guiding good rest and preventing sub-health problem, etc.

We found that this bracelet can automatically record the lowest and maximum oxygen saturation in previous measurements, convenient for measuring the blood oxygen the whole day. At the same time, it can track and compare the previous blood oxygen saturation value in daily tests. After several tests, we found the blood oxygen value and jump amplitude were normal.

Like the previous generations of Honor Band, sleep monitoring is still a great function in the blood of Honor Band 5i.

Honor Band 5i uses the new IR infrared light technology to achieve accurate non-disturbing sleep monitoring, and it uses the Huawei TruSleep 2.0 scientific sleep technology to divide your sleep process into 4 statuses (light sleep, deep sleep, REM, and awake) and monitor, then offer the sleep quality result. 

Another worth mentioned point is the breathing monitor, which is especially important for the presence of snoring, sleep apnea, and other users. So far, Huawei TruSleep 2.0 scientific sleep technology has been verified in first-class hospitals within China and the results have turned out to be precise. 

Furthermore, Honor Band 5i provides scientific solutions to improve your sleep, such as bedtime music, meditation. It brings health to you from improving sleep.

We particularly select a weekend for the test, because the sleep time of workday is fewer one hour than the weekend. We want to see what result the Honor Band 5i will make through the normal sleep time.

The recorded sleep time and wake up time of this bracelet are the same as real-time, high accuracy, and the result of the final 7 detailed tests are also normal. The scores of wake up times, continuous deep sleep and breathing quality is good, the deep sleep time and rapid eye movement scores are just not bad. It seems still needs to use Huawei Health APP to improve and get better sleep.

Under the high-intensity sport, heart rate always can show a good or bad sports result and reduce the sport risk in the maximal degree. Heart rate monitor is not a novel function to the professional sports record bracelets, but as a product, less than 50USD, Honor Band 5i realize the professional monitor record of heart rate.

When it comes to heart rate monitoring, it is not a novel function to the professional sports record bracelet, but as a bracelet less than 50 USD, Honor Band 5i offers this function as well. Heart rate monitoring plays an important role in high-intensity exercise, it can not only judge and show exercise effect, but also can reduce exercise risk.

Honor Band 5i is equipped with Huawei Truseen 3.5 smart heart rate monitoring technology, it is spent 4 years and developed by Huawei 2012 lab and Russia Institute, and it realizes the combination of sensors and neural network under the background of lower power consumption and lower signal-to-noise ratio, and use the AI technology to optimize deeply. 

Good to mention that this technology is supported by the China Institute of sports science, General Administration of sports of China and Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission. It refers to Chinese Universities Laboratory resource allocation and American ACSM Standard management method, achieving the heart rate sample collection of each age group and area, receiving the huge data of sport healthy heart rate, and enabling monitoring results more exactly.

Honor Band 5i subdivides the resting heart rate and sport heart rate, and the sports are divided into a warm-up, fat burning, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance and limit, each part corresponds to a different percentage of maximum heart rate and it is the reference of exercise intensity. 

In order to prevent heart risk, this bracelet has a heart rate reminder function. It will remind you when the heart rate increase. Real-time detection for tachycardia can avoid sudden death resulting in excessive sport and other similar problems.

In addition to sport, Honor Band 5i heart rate monitor function is also suited for the cardiovascular patients, it supports heart health research plan of 301 hospitals. Accurate heart rate monitoring function coordinate with heart health research APP, through the professional algorithm and technical analysis, which can get the result of Arrhythmia. The accuracy of the AF screening was 97.8%. At present, 510,000 users have joined the project, and more than 940 high-risk users have been found, more than 480 users have been diagnosed after reminded and checked.

Huawei Honor Band 5i with Professional Sports Scenes

Good news to people, Honor Band 5i gets the same effect with professional equipment in sports record management function.

9 sports modes are available to you, Outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor riding, indoor cycling, free training, indoor walking, rowing machine, and elliptical machine. 

Combining the outdoor and indoor sport mode, it uses a number of sensors to make a professional record for the status of the sport under each mode, for example, the sport time, distance, speed, and the burned calories when running, all the detailed data can be displayed clearly. According to the instruction, you will know if achieve the target during sport.

Furthermore, this product has good performance in 50M water-proof and sweating erosion resistance.

In fact, the meaning of the subdivision of sports modes is scientific exercise guidelines, which is the added value of Honor Band 5i.

Taking the course in Huawei Health APP as an example, Honor Band 5i providing the scientific warming up to avoid the accident. After exercises, there are relax training for you, so that can release the acetic acid caused by high-frequency motion. It prevents fatigue and pain after exercise. 

In the meantime, indoor exercise provides more non-equipment use guidance, such as tablet support and yoga training, which is not available in other smart bracelets. 

Now you see, Honor Band 5i is not only a record type of sports equipment but also a full-featured professional training tool, which can achieve the safety and efficiency of nonprofessional exercise. With Honor Bank 5i, you can enjoy the guidance of professional trainers.

Honor Band 5i - Best fitness tracking choice with USB direct charging and affordable price

Honor Band 5i has more advantages than the above mentioning, such as sedentary reminders, remote control cameras, support Alipay via QR code. 

The most brilliant feature of Honor Band 5i should be its professional management for health and exercise. Honor Band 5i has a high performance, which is much better than current smart bracelets and already meets the professional equipment standard. You will get the satisfaction for your health and exercise needs from it.

Huawei Honor Band 5i meets the requirements in daily life and special themes. Obviously, all its high technology, good quality, excellent performance, and affordable price make Huawei Honor Band 5i the best choice for workout enthusiasts and office workers. 

Most importantly, don't forget the USB direct charging will help you recharge the Honor Band 5i fitness tracker with power easily.

HUAWEI Honor Band 5i 0.96 inch Smart Bluetooth Bracelet 5ATM Waterproof Sports Smartwatch USB-plug International Edition



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