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Put A FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator In A Fridge, Bacteria & Smell Will Be Gone!

Put A FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator In A Fridge, Bacteria & Smell Will Be Gone!

As a foodie, I store a lot of ingredients in my fridge. I was troubled by the mixture of all kinds of odors in the refrigerator. I believe that you might have the same problem as I do. I used to have a dozen of food containers to avoid mixing the odors, and I also tried some refrigerator deodorizers. Honestly, they didn’t work well. 

I asked for help in a group of foodies, and they recommended the FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator to me. To my surprise, the ozone generator is palm-sized, which barely takes up any space. It also comes with a string, which is thoughtful. 

The white air purifier is small and stylish. It is heard that the product is available in the United States and Japan as well. More importantly, the quality meets the European and American standards, and it also has a design patent. All in all, the FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator is so reliable. 

The air purifier generates ozone through the corona discharge. Hang it in your fridge, in 15 minutes, odors will disappear gradually, and bacteria within two cubic meters will be gone in 2 hours. 

I think highly of its built-in lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable via USB. In power-saving mode, it can last a week after 100% charged. 

The most important thing is that no consumables are needed, which means no extra cost! Just think about it! You need to replace the refrigerator deodorizers regularly, which adds up to a higher price. In comparison, the tiny product doesn’t require any replacement. It is a much better choice! 

Use the money for a meal in exchange for the health and peace of mind of your family. Don’t you think the money well spent? 

I highly recommend the product to you! Enjoy better health by starting eliminating bacteria and smell in the fridge! 

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