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[COUPON Included] Some Thoughts You Need to Know Before Buying Xiaomi Wowstick 21-in-1 Precision Cordless Electric Screwdriver

[COUPON Included] Some Thoughts You Need to Know Before Buying Xiaomi Wowstick 21-in-1 Precision Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Last year, Xiaomi released the world’s best electric screwdriver. 

For me, it was a completely new experience of working. Using it is like holding a pen. 

The Wowstick has thin aluminum alloy housing with a design of pen shape and comes with two AAA batteries, which can work for 8 hours. 

I tell you what folks, I found this screwdriver one of the best tools for my electronic gadgets, especially, for my desktop computer. 

My computer often has hardware issues. I used to open the casing in order to fix things in the motherboard. 

In this regard, Xiaomi Wowstick 21 in 1 precision screwdriver has been a great helper. Its auto self-locking functionality and ratchet wheel orientation along with dual torque 0.12/3NM have helped me even working on micro areas of the CPU and other electronic gadgets. 

The screwdriver is made up of S2 aluminum alloy with DC-3V as input voltage, (two AAA batteries), and the speed of 150r/min. 

Considering the price of the product, I must say it is one of the best screwdrivers available on the market today. Apart from a great handy storage case, the product comes with 21 bits of every style and size for most needs. 

Xiaomi Wowstick cordless electric screwdriver is mainly intended for electronic gadgets and is typically smaller than other products out there. 

Moreover, I used Xiaomi Wowstick for a couple of weeks to carry out my daily DIY repairs. The product was stored in my room’s drawer and I would grab it when I needed it. 

So, I did some chores with the screwdriver, varying from replacing my model car’s tail light, screwing some small screws into the wood, as well as removing some components from my cellphone. 

Why do I admire the Xiaomi Wowstick Cordless Screwdriver?

Xiaomi Wowstick is a great little portable screwdriver, which is made very well. Now, I don’t have to worry about the irritating electrical cord. 

The thing about this cordless electrical screwdriver is that I can take out screws from hard to reach and awkward places. It has an aluminum body and S2 alloy steel screw bits. Surely, you can hold it in your hand comfortably. 

The product has two AAA batteries which give it additional support and continuous power. Another best thing that I like about this cordless electrical screwdriver is its fast rotation speed, which is 150r per minute. 

At the same time, the speed ensures efficiency and it is also a very safe product to use. So much so, it can rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise so that you can tighten/loosen the screws easily. 

Furthermore, it has 21 different alloy steel screw bits, which means versatility for repairing different objects. 

My final verdict

Xiaomi electric screwdriver is extremely reliable. This handy little tool is the best choice for me and surely when you buy and use it. You will likewise admire it a lot because it can handle simple maintenance of your gadgets with ease, thanks to its light-duty features. 

What I like the most is high-quality, speed, long-lasting power, compactness, and reliability. 

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Xiaomi Wowstick 21 in 1 Precision Mini Handheld Cordless Electric Screwdriver



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