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Why Spend An Entire Afternoon Dressing Up For A Half-an-hour Date? Learn These Tips On Garment Steamers First!

Why Spend An Entire Afternoon Dressing Up For A Half-an-hour Date? Learn These Tips On Garment Steamers First!

Every time we go out on a date, we want to make ourselves look attractive and refreshed. 

However, when you open the wardrobe which filled with clothes, you have difficulty in picking up the clothes.

Many girls are in a daze standing in front of a wardrobe, wondering how to choose the clothes. "Oh! I've got no clothes!" In most cases, they spend a lot of time choosing clothes.

But in fact, girls have many clothes to wear. They dare not dress them to date with a handsome guy because the clothes are wrinkled. That's why we need to use a garment steamer. 

A garment steamer removes wrinkles from your clothes, so you can go out happily every day without worrying about the ugly wrinkles that might ruin your image.

How to use a garment steamer? 

As we all know, a garment steamer is convenient and easy to use. However, many people think it troublesome. After all, they do not know how to use the steamer correctly. 

In this article, I will share with you the tips on how to use a garment steamer.

How do you remove wrinkles from ordinary clothes? 

As for ordinary clothes, you can remove wrinkles by putting them horizontally and vertically. The temperature should be below 150 degrees Celsius. 

After ironing, the clothes should be placed in a place with proper ventilation, until it is not hot and damp. Otherwise, it is easy to cause mildew.

How do you soften the wrinkles on a skirt? 

First, put the skirt on a flat table, fold it according to the lines and folds. Soften the wrinkles by moving the steamer along the texture of the pleated skirt. 

Please don't move the garment steamer back and forth. You should use it in one direction, and place it on the elastic band.

How to work out wrinkles on a silk shirt? 

Spray a little water on a silk shirt, and put it in the freezer of the fridge. 

Then, take it out after 15 minutes. The shirt is hard now, and it is much easier to work out wrinkles on it. 

The shirt won't be slippery, facilitating the movement of the steamer. 

Are there any good irons or garment steamers that are worth buying? I choose 4 best irons for you.

1. deerma DEM-HS006 Foldable Handheld Garment Steamer 


- Foldable design: only 13cm high after folding, convenient to store, and carry.

- Pressurized circulation heating system: 10s to achieve jetting steam, no need to wait for ironing so long time.

- Killing bacteria while removing wrinkle: physically clean, safe, and convenient, no worry about chemical residue.

- Patented water reserve design: effectively solve the problem of steam shortage. 

- With customized storage box: reasonable planning of storage space to avoid accessories scattered.

deerma DEM - HS006 Foldable Handheld Garment Steamer



2. Lofans YPZ-7878 Home Cordless Steam Iron from Xiaomi youpin 


- Cordless design, electronic temperature adjustment, easy to recharge and store

- Strong steam, three-speed temperature adjustment, automatic power off

- Wet and dry ironing mode, 1300W high power instant heating, quick wrinkle

Lofans YPZ - 7878 Home Cordless Steam Iron from Xiaomi youpin



3. GT - 301W Handheld Electric Iron from Xiaomi youpin


- 2-in-1 hanging or flat ironing

- Intelligent steam, quick heating

GT - 301W Handheld Electric Iron from Xiaomi youpin



4. KONKA KSC - 8101 Hand-held Hanging Ironing Machine


- Flat hanging hot, separate water tank

- Five-hole high-temperature hot head, multi-angle leakproof

- Triple anti-dry: visible water tank, over-temperature power off, heat protection silk protection

- Triple protection design: flame retardant material, over-temperature protection, overload protection

KONKA KSC - 8101 Hand-held Hanging Ironing Machine




As the saying goes, "Good-looking people appear alike, whereas, those with an interesting soul is rare, nearly one out of ten thousand."

However, you should know that nobody will care about your soul if you don't look nice. 

Therefore, you must rely on clothes for a good look. 

You don't need to look gorgeous every day, but at least it's necessary to be neat and clean. 

A powerful garment steamer can ensure that we dress neatly every day, in good spirits. Don't hesitate if you are attracted to it.

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