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Why Should I Pay More To Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC Version Rather Than International Version?

Why Should I Pay More To Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC Version Rather Than International Version?

After the grand success of Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Xiaomi proceded further to launch its next endeavor Mi Band 4 in China on June 11.

Mi Band 4, the next generation smart device has been furnished with better hardware and overhauled features.

Color and Design:

The first impression is the last impression! The very first thing that I come across any product is its design and color.

Xiaomi has introduced Mi Band 4 with a very sleek and elegant design leaving behind multiple color choices.   

The Avengers edition comes in Blue, Black, and orange colors with an Avenger logo on its strap, which is my favorite. 

Overall Mi Band 4 is available in five colors - Black, Orange, Blue, Claret, and Pink. 



The newly arrived smart band comes with a 40% bigger display if compared with its previous model Mi Band 3.

Mi Band 4 has 0.95 inches of colored AMOLED touchscreen display with 120x240 resolution and 2.5D scratch-resistant glass for long-lasting impact in terms of durability.

The manufacturer has incorporated 77 different colorful themes like Overwatch, Ali the fox, Luo Xiaohei, and many other themes. 

I think that Xiaomi is pretty much successful in fulfilling all the requirements, taste, and preferences of the users.   

Mi band 4 displays specific notifications of other apps, calls, reminders, alarm, and messages while keeping our hands free.


Sports Data Tracking features:

I loved the way how it can act like a very motivational personal trainer with its ability to track physical activities, monitor sleep quality, and calories burnt.

It’s 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis gyroscope can identify different activities like swimming, running, power walking, cycling, and exercising. 

This 3-axis gyroscope/accelerometer can identify five different swimming strokes like Medley, Butterfly stroke, Backstroke. What’s more, Mi Band 4 is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Heart Rate and Monitoring Feature:

Mi Band 4 can monitor heart rate very accurately 24x7 and keeps a track record of it in the Mi-Fit app even when sleeping.

The new Photoplethysmogram (PPG) helps to measure our heart rate very accurately.

I am also amazed at the smart technology that has been used to provide an idle alert when sitting for a very long time. 


Bluetooth Connectivity:

Up till now, Bluetooth 5.0 is the fastest Bluetooth protocol used in smart gadgets.

Mi Band 4 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 that allows wireless connectivity with any smartphone. Similarly, other Xiaomi smart products can also be paired and controlled with Mi Band 4 via Bluetooth.



The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is supported by 135mAh battery that claims to provide 20 days of battery backup on a single charge with moderate use. 

Whereas, the Mi Band 4 NFC version comes with lesser battery capacity with an average battery life of around 15 days.

Just like Mi Band 3, in this model, the monitor needs to be pulled out of the wrist strap when plugging in for charging.

However, the battery life may increase or decrease depending on how we use the sleep and heart rate tracking feature.

Price range:

This Mi Band 4 is now available in the market as-
- The standard International/Global version - $37.99 (Approximately)
- The NFC version - $62.99 (Approximately)
- A limited Avengers edition

So it is quite clear now that if we want to buy the NFC version of Mi Band 4, we need to pay about $20 more than the price of the international version.

Now the question is, is this extra $10 worth it? Let's find it out! 

Why should I pay more for Mi Band 4 NFC version?

NFC Technology is among the high rated features present in Mi Band 4. The NFC version offers many additional features when compared to the International version.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a set of communication protocol which allows two electronic devices to establish a stable connection within 4cm distance from each other.

Lately, NFC offers us the advantage over QR technology, which needs to be scanned to take control over certain functions. 

Additionally, with NFC, we can now be able to transfer data, pair device, save contacts directly from Business cards.

The built-in NFC function provides access to digital payment through AliPay, WeChat Pay and also serves the purpose of a public transport card. 

This means if I have Mi Band 4 NFC version with me, I may not have to transport cards or carry credit cards with me. 


Is NFC a secured mode of payment?

Yes, NFC mode of payment is fundamentally secured by virtue because it uses an extremely short range. 

This is because if hackers would try to hack, they will need to be very close to we like 4cm close. So we will get to know their presence!

There’s more to the physical aspect of NFC that makes hacking troublesome for hackers. Therefore, using an NFC payment mode is safe.


AI Voice Assistant:

Another significant addition to Mi Band 4 NFC version that Xiaomi has incorporated is the inbuilt microphone for voice commands.

This voice, commands to the Xiao smart assistant which can be activated by just waking up the screen.

In Mi Band 4 NFC version, Xiao AI is a Chinese voice assistant and can control several other features like setting a schedule, playing music, finding the phone. 

Now, with the help of AI technology, we can also get control over a variety of Xiaomi devices like Mi Smart LED bulb, Air conditioners, vacuum cleaner, etc.


Is Mi Band 4 NFC version worth buying?

Indeed, the Mi Band 4 NFC version is worth buying.

But it would be utter silliness to recommend NFC version to anyone who has no plan to visit China or does not live in China, which is because Xiaomi has not made any statements about the availability of the NFC features outside China.

But we expect Xiaomi to launch NFC utilities with voice assistant feature (supported by built-in mic) to arrive in other countries soon!

However, for users who might not need the NFC feature, can go for Mi Band 4 International Version that has just Bluetooth, but no NFC.

I would also recommend going for Mi Band 4 International Version for people who are looking for a low priced updated smart bracelet!

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet NFC Version



Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet International Version



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