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Never Lose Control Over Your Bike! Now Get Your Steal at This Can’t-Miss Super Deal!

Never Lose Control Over Your Bike! Now Get Your Steal at This Can’t-Miss Super Deal!

Hello, bikers.
Today I wanna share you with the Samebike MY-SM26 electric bike, my best deal at 2019.

Irreplaceable Superiority:

Well-functioning, suspended front fork with a shock pump and lockout, increasing your cycling speed while ensuring you maintain traction and comfort.

Sturdy aluminum alloy body structure effectively reduces disruption, stable to respond to various road conditions.

26-inch inflatable rubber tire, specially designed for E-bike to empower you a brisk ride.

LCD displaying meter, all the status such as mileage, speed, power, cycling mode, fault diagnosis is clear at a glance.

➷ It has the lowest price in the electric bikes with the same specs.

Design Highlights:

SamebikeMY-SM26 is a more professional mountain bike with three cycling modes, which is perfect for fitness enthusiasts to cycle. 

It has excellent front fork suspension system with a shock pump and high-quality body that is made of aluminum alloy. This MTB bike is so wear-resistant that you can enjoy cycling with it for years.

Practical Performances:

The Samebike MY-SM26 folding bike has a relatively sturdy body, not easy to fall apart. It is suitable for cycling on various road conditions. With this electric bike, you will get a better exercise performance. 

Beyond that, Samebike MY-SM26 uses the professional E-bike tire with a low-resistant tread pattern to increase your speed

Meanwhile, thanks to its excellent front fork suspension, this mountain bike helps your front wheel remain grounded even when going through potholes, ensuring you maintain traction around corners. 

So, even if your front wheel loses contact with the ground, particularly in corners, now you won’t lose control over your bike.

If you are looking for the most cost-effective and safe mountain bike, this Samebike MY-SM26 electric bike will help you travel light. 

It’s a can’t-miss super deal down to $700, now get your steal, or regret for the higher price later, it’s up to you.   

Samebike MY - SM26 26 inch Electric MTB Bike Mountain Bicycle



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