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Patented Samsung Z-shaped Double-fold Smartphone: Simple & Flexible Design

Patented Samsung Z-shaped Double-fold Smartphone: Simple & Flexible Design

Last week, LG double-screen foldable phone was approved. The phone is unique because of the front screen can be folded to be part of the main screen, and unfolded to be a super large screen.

However, not both screens of the foldable LG smartphone are flexible, so there will be a border between the front screen and the flexible one. 

Now its rival, Samsung, also uses a Z-shaped folding design, but they are different. 

The application of the new patent was submitted to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) at the end of 2018. It was approved at the end of May in 2019. 

Not until it was on August 7 that the patent was in the Korean patent database. The patent application contains 23 drafts of the design, describing a simple, stylish, multi-purpose device.

Samsung device shown in the patent illustration has a large screen, an extremely narrow border. 

When fully unfolded, it can serve as a super tablet. 

The smartphone has two folding lines. One screen can be folded forward, and the other backward. 

That's why it is named after "Z-Fold," and because you fold the device into a Z shape. 

After folding it, the user can still get a full-screen experience and narrow borders. The phone can collapse in such a way that part of the middle becomes the front screen. 

Then, the other two parts can be folded backward, which means that the device will remain compact. 

If you choose to fold it in this way, there will be curved screens on both sides, and only one narrow edge visible on the top and bottom.

Its maximum screen size is three times as big as that of an ordinary smartphone, making it quite practical to use. It seems as if you got a smartphone, tablet, and micro-computer. 

With additional hardware, it would be an ideal device for multitasking. It is also great for watching videos/movies.

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