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I Dare Say, You Won't Regret To Have Xiaomi Mi Band 3, The Best-looking & Best-selling Smart Band!

I Dare Say, You Won't Regret To Have Xiaomi Mi Band 3, The Best-looking & Best-selling Smart Band!

After the best-selling Mi Band 2, Xiaomi brought an updated version of Mi Band to the market - Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

1. Let's start by saying that the biggest news of Mi Band 3 is in the increased display, which is now an OLED touch that allows us through different swipe to move within the various functions. 

We find the most classic functions (in Mi Band 2) as date and time, pedometer, distance traveled, burned calorie count, heart rate frequency and certainly the ability to read the notifications, which now have a separate section in Xiaomi Mi Band 3, they are stored in individual part in order to go read them detailedly when we want.

2. Several new useful features are increased to make Mi Band 3 stand out, such as the feature to see the weather up to 3 days, we can now set a stopwatch or connected to the smartphone.

Setting the smartphone to silent-or-not mode is also a very convenient search function, it will make your smartphone ring so as to know where you left it and finally you "find your phone".

3. You can also manage all your preferences through the Mi-Fit app with which you will interface the Mi Band 3 and the smartphone.

4. The battery declared is about 20 days, but unfortunately, it must be said that the smartphone is used in its full capacity (always connected with the phone, detection period of heartbeat, etc.).

The battery lasts much less, about 9/10 days, then the half. On the other hand, trying to use it with only one daily synchronization and some beating, then we approach the duration declared by the house.

5. The real weakness is, however, visibility under the sun is practically nothing. If in normal light conditions, the smart band's display is brighter than its predecessor; but using it outdoors and then in the sun, we will not be able to read anything. Such a pity.

6. Despite this, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has all premium features as those expensive fitness tracker brands but has such a cost-effective price under $40, we know Mi Band remains a very good product for what it does.

7. We recommend those who are looking for an affordable smart bracelet without sacrificing functionality.

I do not recommend the purchase to those who already own Mi Band 2 because the imported news is not so impressive to motivate the upgrade.

P.S. Yeah Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the newest version now, but no one would deny that Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is still the best-looking fitness tracker. If you can't buy Mi Band 4, why not take Mi Band 3 home? Trust me, you won't regret!

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