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Cubot Quest Waterproof Test: The Best Phone for Outdoors?

Cubot Quest Waterproof Test: The Best Phone for Outdoors?

After the successful release of Cubot King Kong 3 in 2018, Cubot launched another rugged phone late last the same year - Cubot Quest. The Quest hit the markets this May, and I got the pleasure to use the device and enjoy its endless features. 

The sports phone is pretty amazing and suits my kind of lifestyle. I’m a cyclist, and nothing would please me more than a phone built for me and my lifestyle.

Cubot provided a waterproof feature in some devices. However, the Cubot Quest is the device that came to change the game by being the most affordable rugged phone with that water resistance. 

Could it be the best phone for outdoors? We will know in a few minutes.

Buying Guide for a Waterproof Device

When you are shopping for a waterproof phone, you are probably thinking of a phone that will survive in case your child drops it in a toilet or pond. Cubot Quest has IP68 waterproof. But do you know what IP ratings mean?

All waterproof phones are created differently and don’t offer the same levels of protection. For instance, if your phone is splash-proof, never take photos underwater. 

Other phones can be submerged in water and continue working like they just wanted a bath. Cubot Quest can stay in water for an hour.


What Waterproof IP Ratings Mean

IP means “Ingress Protection,” and it defines the sealing of electrical enclosures to prevent intrusion from moisture and foreign bodies. The highest you can get is “6,” which means total protection. The second digit is for water protection, and the best is “8” So, IP68.

If an IP rating looks like IPX6, “X” means the rating hasn’t been allocated officially, but the device may have proper protection. Since Quest is IP68, it means it’s formally allocated with the rating, and you can trust that it’s waterproof.

Other 2019 phones that have this feature are Samsung Galaxy s10 Plus, Google Pixel 3, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, iPhone XS, XR, LG Think Q, and a few more of that level. You can see that all these phones are high-end devices, and they aren’t rugged. They are all above $750.

However, you can get some of those features in Cubot Quest, the most important one being the waterproof feature. Besides, it’s far cheaper than other phones, retailing at just $149.99, and it performs better than the likes in the outdoors.

Performing a Waterproof Test on Cubot Quest

There are IP68 ratings for this device, but we will still conduct a waterproof test to confirm it. I’m going to dip the phone in water for half a minute and observe what will happen. We will be able to note whether there are any abnormalities such as camera fog, screen flickering, etc. I’ll also perform the same test on Samsung Galaxy A20.

After 3 minutes, I took the phone out, and I have concluded that the phone is completely waterproof. The camera works just fine, and the screen still looks okay. I only have to wipe it with my shirt.

For the A20, I’m totally disappointed. The device is splash proof to some extent but not entirely. The phone’s speaker seems to be dead, and the screen is not working properly. The A20 goes straight to the jar of rice, and it will spend about 12 hours there. Maybe it will come back to life.

Samsung Galaxy A20 is a budget phone costing a little bit more than Cubot Quest, about $180. If the A20 comes back to life, I’ll have to leave it behind regardless. Cubot Quest defines the hardships I go through when cycling in harsh terrains. I’m convinced that the Quest is the best outdoor phone at a budget-friendly price.


Privileges that Come with the Rugged Phone

- You will never have to backup all your important data like photos, documents, and videos in case of water damage. Unless your phones always get lost and you are afraid to lose the data.

- Your rice will be for cooking only. Not for dipping your phone, in case it takes a swim.

- You can go to the pool, shower, and walk in the rain as you chat. Nothing is going to happen.

- You won’t have to buy a waterproof case since the phone comes built with one.



The Cubot Quest is the most convenient waterproof device you can buy, especially if you are on a budget. I’ve had no issues with the phone. 

Besides, the camera and battery features work well for me. I’ll be living my other phone in the house and taking a trip with my Cubot Quest. 

It’s the best outdoor phone. Perhaps you should head down to your nearest store and buy yourself this fantastic gadget.

CUBOT Quest 5.5 inch 4G Sports Phablet Rugged Smartphone



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