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The Best All-Rounder Knife That You Should Keep In Your Pocket

The Best All-Rounder Knife That You Should Keep In Your Pocket

A month ago, we went on a trip. We had packed many different things, including a few tools that might come handy during the trip. 

But then we lost the bag which contained the tools. So, we started searching for a place where we could find something that could help us while being used as multitools.

I finally found a thing that helped us. And that helped me not only during the trip but also after it. I told my problem to a hiker I met, and then he gave me a perfect solution to this problem. He gave me the Gocomma Outdoor Mini 12-in-1 Multifunction Folding Knife.

He added by saying that this place was his favorite haunt, although it was so remote, the scenery was fascinating. After using the multifunctional folding knife, he had found it so useful that he always prepared several Gocomma Folding Knives that might help other hikers in need. 

Now, during the rest of the trip, I used it many times. I have to say that this thing is perfect. The multitool knife includes the main knife (5.5cm blade), wood saw, scraper, scissors, can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, cross screwdriver, pointed awl, nail file, needle threader, carabiner. Some of these things came in handy when I was actually on the picnic. We could use the main knife to cut any kinds of foods.  

The build quality of this knife is just amazing. Even at times, it fell from my hands. But this knife never had been damaged or affected by it. Also, we could use the bottle opener to enjoy the beer, too. At times, even the screwdriver and all such sort of things became useful to us.  

We used the knife's different tools interestingly during the trip, such as at some time, I was able actually to use it to repair my vehicle. For that, I used the different screwdrivers available in the knife.

Most of the tools that I lost in the tool kit are found in this knife. For example, the different kinds of screwdrivers in this thing is beneficial for work. I have to say that this multifunctional knife has been a real lifesaver for me. I am able to do most of my day to day task such as repairing household stuff and also my kid's toys using the various tools available in it. The best part is that even after the trip is over and we are back to normal lives. This thing is still useful to me.

At this price point, it's a steal deal to have so many different tools. It is competitively cheap. As I said before, if you buy every single tool in this product, it will surely cost you a lot of money. You will never go looking for anything else once you have this multitool with you!

gocomma Outdoor Mini 12-in-1 Multifunction Folding Knife



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