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This is the Best Choice for large Factories and DIY Studios - NOVA3D Elfin L3132 High Precision LCD 3D Printer!

This is the Best Choice for large Factories and DIY Studios - NOVA3D Elfin L3132 High Precision LCD 3D Printer!

Nova intelligent develops and redefines digital photocurable 3D printers and photosensitive resins, offering unprecedented 3D printing experience. Nova3D printers offer industrial-grade 3D printing and photocuring 3D technology that reduce the cost of the machine considerably. 

Their excellence in product design helps everyone to achieve a highly detailed and perfect product printout that helps in improving modeling effect and efficiency. One of their newest products is Nova3D Elfin L3132 High Precision LCD 3D Printer. 

Irreplaceable Superiority

The Elfin L3132 Resin 3D Printer L3132 is a new triangular design printer that offers a faster printing speed of 30 – 40 mm/h and delivers higher print accuracy. This 3D printer is more robust as compared to previous Nova3D 3D printers. 

There is a 4.3-inch color display resistive touchscreen, which provides real-time monitoring of the printing process, number of layers, printing time, and image. The ergonomic 12-degree operating angle of the screen makes it easier to use and operate. 

It offers 130 x 70 x 150mm print size, which is large as compared to other printers available in the same price range as that of the Nova Elfin 3D printer. Thus, making it a better choice for large factories and DIY studios. 

The uniform UV light source ensures there is a considerable improvement in the print quality. With a printing precision of 50 x 50um, you also get 8GB worth of internal storage capabilities with the 3D printer, which means that there is no need to have any external micro SD card or USB flash drive. 

This wireless connection of the 3D printer makes it more stable and easier to print models. There are multiple ways to print your models, including Wi-Fi Connect (Internet Print), Wire Connect (PC Print), and USB Connect (Off-Line Print). 

Design Highlights

The customized design of the light source ensures that the print is exposed uniformly. Due to this, the entire solidification process gains enough UV light but with low power and temperature. 

In addition to this, lead screws are fastened with the top frame that ensures the z-axis remains in permanent-vertical conditions. Because of this permanent-vertical condition of the z-axis, you won't encounter the most issues of the wavy lines. 

What's more, the LCD screen can be easily removed and replace when needed. It can save you a lot of maintenance costs. The frames are made from aluminum, which offers more stability and durability to the 3D printer. 

Practical Performance

Not only Nova3D Elfin L3132 is suitable for making high precision small parts for jewelry and the dental industry, but it can also print different high-precision parts in larger sizes for several different industries. 

Print anything that you want using the 3D printer offered by Nova3D with revolutionizing 3D printing experience. 


For large factories and DIY studios, Nova3D Elfin L3132 High Precision LCD 3D Printer is the best choice. 

If you are looking for higher print accuracy and faster print speed to build large and robust models, the L3132 is the perfect selection. 

The product is currently available on sale on Gearbest and is available for only $349.99. In comparison, the same product is available for $459.99 on Banggood. 

Do not wait any more, if you are out in the market looking for an excellent quality 3D printer - grab your Nova3D Elfin L3132 3D printer from Gearbest before the sale ends. You are not going to get the same price again. 

Check out the product today and start printing your models.

NOVA3D Elfin L3132 UV Light Curing Resin LCD 3D Printer 4.3 inch Touch Screen Off-line Print



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