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X96 mini TV Box: The Best Thing That I Ever Bought in My Entire Life for Entertainment

X96 mini TV Box: The Best Thing That I Ever Bought in My Entire Life for Entertainment

This is the age of electronic items. And right now, we have electronic items for almost every need of ours. 

And one of the most prominent things that we now do in this digital era is entertainment. Entertainment has gone to a whole new level with this advancement of technology. 

I, as an individual, wanted to have the best entertainment for me as well as my family. I kept on searching for many methods with which we can actually get the best entertainment. 

But one of them is by far the best thing that I ever bought in my entire life for entertainment. And that is the X96 mini TV Box.

This thing is just incredible. After buying many different similar things and also looking at its good review, I had decided that I should buy this. Now I never really wanted an Android TV box but when I came to know about its use, I decided that I should get one. 

So basically it helps us to move from the normal day-to-day TV to a screen or an LCD monitor. This can be done easily with this Android TV box. There are many uses of this. 

One, we can actually watch shows that are only available on the internet. 

Now, this feature is something that I was really looking forward to. It is pretty difficult to only stare at my mobile phone or my laptop while watching some content on the internet. With this, I can watch it on my TV and my family can join me. 

It is one of the best things about this as we can watch different Internet shows together which becomes a great time for our family to be together.

When I talk about the build quality, I have to say that this thing is very small when we think about the task that this thing is doing. It is small and weighs only 116 grams which are very light. Also, it has a massive 8GB of storage and it can also be expanded to 64GB. Now that is more than enough for any family out there. 

Also, the retailer told me that this thing is one of the most popular in its segment. This thing supports Wi-Fi so basically, we can watch anything on our television or in fact any compatible screen.

Now there is this one very interesting thing that I wanted you to know about this. Even though the manufacturer only gives a one-year warranty for this, the company actually gives a lifetime warranty for this product. And that means that we can easily get this thing repaired for free. 

But I think that the chances for this will be pretty rare as I have been using this for a long time now and this thing works like a charm.

The next is that I would like to talk about the applications of this device. This TV box can support any kind of video entertainment such as Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix. Also, this can support online video calling. This is by far one of the best features of this device. 

My wife has to always travel abroad for work and so with this, we can use our living room's television screen to actually talk to her. It helps to get the family together. I personally feel that if you use video calling websites such as Skype, then, you should surely use this. The difference can only be experienced.

This thing also has support for wireless keyboard and mouse, so using this thing is very much simple. 

Now as I said earlier, this thing will rarely be broken. As we know, most of the electronic items have some problem because of the wrong charger that we use. 

Well, in this we have a solution to that, too. This has various circuits connected inside which actually prevent this thing from charging when we use any wrong or harmful charger.

To say in conclusion, this TV box has everything for any family's entertainment. And in my opinion, even if you are living alone you should get this, as you can use it to watch anything with your friends. 

This Android TV box literally helps one to enjoy and have a great time at their own convenience.

X96 mini TV Box 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM



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