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This Should be the Futuristic Light Bulb - Yeelight YLDP05YL is Definitely More Than Your Expectation!

This Should be the Futuristic Light Bulb - Yeelight YLDP05YL is Definitely More Than Your Expectation!

We moved to a new house a long time ago. And moving to a new apartment requires efforts. We had to decide on various things such as the arrangements of the furniture and many other such things. 

We had planned mostly all things, and hence we were pretty much confident that things would go well. And then later, we encountered a small problem regarding the light.

Now we tried many different light bulbs. But none of them were satisfactory, different from what we expected. They did not have the brightness, or even some of them were difficult to use. That was when we realized our problem. The problem was that we did not do enough amount of research to decide which was the best bulb to buy.  

But this time, before buying a light bulb, we did a lot of research such as the light bulb should be easy to use and most importantly, it should consume less power. So, we decided to buy the Yeelight YLDP05YL Dimmable AC 100 - 240V 10W Smart LED Bulb. 

I have to say that this thing is the best thing that we have ever purchased for this house.

Features & Specifications:

Now, this smart light bulb has something special, and that is that the light bulb can be under control with the help of a mobile application. 

We can use this mobile application to switch the light on and off, and also it helps in changing the color temperature of the light bulb. That is an exciting feature that we don’t find in most of the light bulbs at this price point. 

We can also adjust the brightness of the light bulb according to our convenience whenever we use our mobile phone because the smart light bulb can connect to the WiFi. 

That is a fascinating and convenient thing to do as we can use this at night as a night light and also lower the brightness at times so that it can consume less power.

The next should be the lifespan. The lifespan is the best as we have been using this bulb for almost a year. 

Up till now, we haven't had any issues about this bulb. I am truly surprised by the lifespan of this thing as this light bulb has 25,000 hours of lifespan. 

Also, this bulb has lightning protection, overloading, and even overheating protection. All this for this price range is something attractive.

More interestingly, this light bulb works with Amazon Alexa and a lot more. 

The voice control indeed improves the user experience of this light bulb. I can switch the light bulb on and off and also change the brightness accordingly, and hence, I do feel that we are using something advanced. And all this I can do even without moving. It feels goods and futuristic.

Final Verdict:

I have to say that many other people who saw this light bulb asked us which functions of the light bulb we considered the most useful. To this, we would always reply telling them all the outstanding features of this bulb. Most of them purchased this smart light, and now even they are enjoying this great product. 

I would suggest that if you are looking for a LED bulb that is reliable with all the latest technologies to build a smarter home, then you should surely go for this. I am sure that you will definitely like this light bulb, and then later you will never go for any other light bulb.

Yeelight YLDP05YL Dimmable AC 100 - 240V 10W Smart LED Bulb ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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