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All My Feelings about Alfawise X1 Folding Electric Bike Moped Bicycle E-bike

All My Feelings about Alfawise X1 Folding Electric Bike Moped Bicycle E-bike

Electric bicycles aren't something new in 2018 since there are already lots of versions. However, most folks still don't trust Electric bicycle as the most crucial transportation in town. 

In vain!

There are lots of electric bicycles in 2018. The prices are different, and the performance differs. 

The Chinese Manufacturer Alfawise introduced its very own electric bicycle named Alfawise X1. Its engine provides up to 25 km/h max rate, as well as 60 km battery lifetime at moped mode. 

Incidentally, its cost is just $455.99, which is quite appealing.

The electric bike is quite intriguing, and we've got something to tell about it. 

In this guide, we examine Alfawise X1, its chief specifications, and features.

Alfawise electric bike is delivered in a fairly compact box.

Inside is the folded bike, documentation with a user manual, charger, tools, and charging adapter. The assembling of Alfawise X1 is very simple and quick. When you flip it on, the display lights up on the steering computer, and you can start riding.


If we talk about design, we've got an urban electric bicycle. It's accessible only in black colors, but it seems terrific.

The body is made from aluminum metal, painted with matte paint. It looks fantastic, while weights a bit. The basis of the bike is the frame. It's an integrated battery. The steering wheel sticks from the frame, while the seat in the back.

Incidentally, the chair is sports, and it is designed for a long service life.

The LED beam lamp is situated in front, and light reflectors can be set up. Honestly, Alfawise X1 doesn't look like an electric bike, because the battery and motor are in the frame, and no one sees them.


Initially, it seems that Alfawise bike is uncomfortable, and you can't ride quickly. 

Yes, the design is truly odd and odd, but if you sit behind the wheel, then you get the impression that you are riding a regular bike. 

You can adjust the chair height and the steering wheel to suit your preferences. 

So Alfawise X1 electric bike will match both an adult and a teen.

The steering wheel has rubber lining for a more comfortable grip. At the side of the steering wheel is rear brake disc, on the left side -
front brake disk. The brakes are strong enough, which means you want to be mindful.

The identical steering wheel comes with an on-board computer with LED display. It shows rate, battery charge, space, etc.. You will find three controller switches and charging connector under the monitor.

The measurements of Alfawise X1 are streamlined. It's like the classic BMX, but Alfawise bicycle can be folded, which can be an indispensable factor for many. 

An electric bike is folded in a minute, and it takes a space nearly two times less. The weight is 17 kg, while the maximum load on your bicycle is 120 kg.


If you believe an electric bicycle can ride just on the motor, then you are mistaken. Alfawise X1 allows picking among 5 degrees of moped mode or 100% electrical manner. As practice has shown, 250W electric engine is sufficient to maneuver around the city.

The maximum mode allows you to achieve speed up to 25 km/h in a few seconds. It's an indescribable experience when the bike
It picks up speed so quickly. The size of these wheels is 14 inches (35.56 cm).

The brakes work well, especially the rear disc. Considering that the average speed of an electric bike is higher than a routine bike, it is crucial to learn how to use the brakes. You should always use both wheels, starting from the back and lightly pressing the front. 

Regardless of the folding multi-element design and the lack of any shock absorbers, the bike behaves quite predictably.


On the demonstration of Alfawise X1, the manufacturer promised up to 55 km of riding on a single battery charge. 

When you use only the motor, without pedaling, then the maximum distance decreased to 30 km, and it's great.

Of course, once the battery is fully discharged, you can continue riding by yourself. The entire battery charge takes about 4-5 hours.


As you know, the price is relative. Right now you can purchase Alfawise X1 for only $455.99. It is an excellent price, compared to other electrical bikes from Gocycle, Enzo, IZIP.

• Design;
• Compact size;
• Folding design;
• Functionality;
• Excellent power;
• Cost.

• No backlight. 


So, we can sum up: Alfawise X1 is a compact e-bike with a gorgeous minimalist layout, folding design and a fantastic work from a reputed Chinese maker at a low cost.

Alfawise X1 Foldable Electric Bike Powerful 7.8Ah Battery Moped Bicycle 25km/h E-bike



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